MENA - The morning sun has given Polk County officials and residents the chance to assess damages in the area, after a tornado and apple-sized hail ripped through the town of Mena Thursday night. Polk County Sheriff Mike Oglesby confirms at least 3 fatalities, and more than two dozen injuries have been reported. The Arkansas National Guard members are on the scene this morning to provide downtown security and to do door to door welfare checks around the county.

Officials will assess the extent of the damage to determine the rank of the tornado Enhanced Fujita Scale. One example of the severe damage, at Rich Mountain Community the tornado tossed one of the school's buses into a tree, as through it were a toy car. The National Weather Services in Little Rock and Tulsa are both expected to be surveying the area this morning. Once a rank is determined, officials will also be able to estimate the wind speed of the twister.

Thousands of residents are without power. The Mena Regional Health System also received damage, however, a hospital employee tells 5NEWS that they are still seeing patients and running off auxillary power.

More than 30 residents have been taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries.