Real Name: Masato Onodera
Date of Birth: 9/10/1981
Birthplace: Ichinoseki-shi, Iwate Prefecture
Height/Weight: 172cm/82kg
Debut: 7/29/2006 vs. Yasushi Kanda
Title History: Open the Triangle Gate, Open the Twin Gate

Gallaria - ギャラリア
Reverse brainbuster lift into sit out driver.
Crossface style facelock. Name means "Cross Bone Vanguard"
Death Valley Bomb
German Suplex
•Choke Sleeper

Before Dragon Gate: Prior to entering the Dragon Gate system, he competed in mixed martial arts, including PANCRASE tournaments.
2006: Debuts as the 5th graduate of the DG system, using Yamato Onodera as his ringname. His teacher, Yasushi Kanda, passes his Gekokujoh character onto him. He is also given membership in Final M2K after his debut. He joined them for the 2006 Open the Triangle Gate tournament. When the Dragon Gate NEX project started at the end of the year, he became one of the aces. When Final M2K ended he chose to focus on NEX rather than jump to a different unit.
2007: Wins the first NEX-1 tournament, allowing him to come to the United States for a learning excursion. While in the US he drops the Gekokujoh lineage and changed his ring name to just YAMATO. Upon his return to Japan, he joined the newly formed NEW HAZARD unit. He struggled with shoulder injuries most of the year. In December, he challenged Ryo Saito to a singles match, directly challenging one of the DG pillars for the first time.
2008: His breakout year. After some derisive comments in his direction from CIMA, the 2 became embattled in a bitter feud that still rages. There was also much dissension within NH, particularly after Shingo proclaimed that he, Kong, and Hulk were the strongest NH team for the Triangle Gate. This led to YAMATO turning on them, and joining Muscle Outlaw'z, and later Real Hazard. He and Cyber Kong formed the YAMAKong team in the Summer Adventure Tag League, and despite losing there they went on to gaining a stranglehold on the Twin Gate.

With Gamma removed from RH in early 2009, YAMATO was put into the leader position for the group.