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Fears over Iraqi gays

followthatmouse wrote just now: The BBC reports on Amnesty International’s claims that in the last few weeks more than 25 youn … more →

Tags: Homophobia, middle east, iraq, anti-gay murders

Media Monitoring and Analytics /* Vimarshanam*/ Tamil Ver. Prog 1 with Mr. Sivagurunathan

srilankandiasporablog wrote 14 minutes ago: Mr. Sivagurunathan is a human rights and peace activist who has had experiences of activism since th … more →

Tags: Interview, Sinhala, Tamil, Killings, CPA, Sivagurunathan, Media Monitor, language translator

Interview with Tamil human rights activist Shanthi Sachithanandan /* Vimarshanam */

srilankandiasporablog wrote 17 minutes ago: Prominent Tamil civil society activist Shanthi Sachithanandan shares some views on Tamil National st … more →

Tags: Interview, Tamil, War, Civil, Killings, activist, Shanthi Sachithanandan, struggel, National

Update/2010election by Kwekalu News

peacerunning wrote 20 minutes ago: … more →

Tags: Burma, genocide, Junta, karen, KNU, World Focus on Burma

Image daily Bangkok by Kwekalu News

peacerunning wrote 25 minutes ago: … more →

Tags: ASEAN, Burma, Junta, karen, Thailand, World Focus on Burma

Migrant workers association Jacba

peacerunning wrote 44 minutes ago: … more →

Tags: Burma, Junta, Migrants, World Focus on Burma

THAILAND: After ASEAN Summit Fiasco, Summer of Discontent Looms

peacerunning wrote 1 hour ago: Analysis by Marwaan Macan-Markar BANGKOK, Apr 12 (IPS) - The dramatic scenes that unfolded at a regi … more →

Tags: ASEAN, Burma, Junta, Thailand, World Focus on Burma

Thailand Marks New Year with Bullets, Troops Clash with Protesters

peacerunning wrote 1 hour ago: By Marwaan Macan-Markar BANGKOK, Apr 13 (IPS) - Water fights and neon-coloured water guns are a stan … more →

Tags: ASEAN, Burma, Junta, Thailand, World Focus on Burma

Let Go The Ego

timvalentine wrote 1 hour ago: a2a_linkname=”TI&S: Let Go My Ego”;a2a_linkurl=”http://timvalentine.wordpress. … more →

Tags: Blog/Bloggers, Equal Rights, Gender, Immigration, LIFE/LIVING, Love, Opinion-Editorial, Politics, Relationships

Dubai: a mirror to our own failings

Caroline wrote 1 hour ago: Dubai, once hailed as the shining star of Arab enterprise, has hit the headlines in recent weeks for … more →

Tags: Journalism, World Affairs, Johann Hari, Britain, Dubai, corruption, construction industry, Disneyland

vdo-RIT Swe Taw Yait Thin Gyan 2009 by Niknayman

peacerunning wrote 1 hour ago: … more →

Tags: Burma, Junta, World Focus on Burma

In Case We Are Unsure Who Authorized It, The BBC Reminds Us!

Robert wrote 2 hours ago: We’ve been news and net incommunicado with brother-in-law and family for the last two nights.  … more →

Tags: USA, media, Foreign Policy, military, Business, Somalia, Crime, Government Thought, Advocacy group

My message to Royalty: ubah atau rebah

malaysiasms wrote 2 hours ago: Malaysia Today When I die I want to be cremated and for my ashes to be scattered into the sea. There … more →

Tags: Conspiracy, General, Justice, Nation

China releases first human rights action plan

The Center for Global Leadership wrote 2 hours ago: Nice, positive message for the start of the week. Way to go China. Peace out - Martin Fox with the C … more →

Tags: global cohesion, be the change today, Center for global leadership, China, China - Human Rights, Conflict Resolution, lead globally, Martin Fox

About #amazonfail and ableism

Em wrote 2 hours ago: It’s not just LGBTQ and feminist related materials. Disability and sex related materialshave a … more →

Tags: Feminism, intersectionality, Gay Rights, ableism, the personal is political, Identity Politics, media, gender construction, amazonfail

China Releases Human Rights Plan

abluteau wrote 2 hours ago: China’s cabinet released on Monday what it called a human rights action plan, a lengthy document pro … more →

Tags: Articles - Recent, Law, China

Economic Characteristics of Immigrants

kidsrock4kids wrote 2 hours ago: Original Source Ten High-Tech Companies started by Immigrants earned $31 Billion in revenues in … more →

Tags: Immigration

General Facts About Immigration

kidsrock4kids wrote 2 hours ago: Original Source The total number of immigrants per year (including illegal and refugees) is som … more →

Tags: Immigration

Something Something

RIKA wrote 2 hours ago: I should probably have written this before posting the last two entries. Anyways, while researchin … more →

Tags: Research Workshop A, Project, Research, Japan