The Bug in the Ear
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THE BUG IN THE EAR ( The origins of this very popular story have been traced back to England, about the year 1000 ).

While a woman was sleeping on the beach in California, a tiny earwig climbed into her ear, and burrowed foward. Several days later, the woman went to her doctor complaining of a terrible earache. After peering into her ear, the doctor sat back. "I can't see anything," he said. "Let's see what an X-ray can tell us." When the film came back, the doctor sat down with his patient and her husband now in his office.

"Now I want you to stay calm. An earwig is burrowing through your ear canal. We can't get to it. The only thing we can do is to wait a couple of weeks until it makes it's way clear through  your skull. It will climb out of your other ear and you'll be fine."

Of course, when the woman heard the news, she was not fine. She became hysterical. It took her husband and three nurses to hold her down, just so the doctor could give her a tranquilizer.

"We'll hospitalize her and keep her heavily medicated for the next couple of weeks," the doctor said to the husband. "That should help her get through this."

Sure enough, about two weeks later, the earwig crawled out of the woman's ear. The husband was at his wife's bedside when the tiny creature appeared. He grabbed it and put it in a empty water bottle. The next day, the couple, with the earwig in the bottle, sat down wth the doctor for a final examination.

"Let's get another set of X-rays," the doctor said. It took a little longer for the film to return this time. When the X-rays finally arrived, the woman, her husband, and the doctor all assembled in the office once more.

"I'm afraid I have to modify my diagnosis," the doctor said.. "I've examined the earwig and the X-rays." He took a deep breath. "This was a female. It must have been pregnant when it crawled into your ear canal. It's laid it's eggs in your skull. When the eggs hatch, the young earwigs will devour your brain."

From: "Alligators in the Sewer" by Tomas J. Craughwell

And to Creep you out even more....

*Dr Finds Spider in womans Ear...

"ATHENS, Greece (June 9, 2002 4:20 p.m. EDT) - An Athens doctor who examined a 33-year-old woman after she complained of headaches, removed a spider that had made its home in her ear, a Greek television station said Sunday.

Private Star channel reported that Doctor Evangelos Gollas removed the
spider and showed video footage he had recorded of the spider inside the
woman's ear.

"When I examined the patient, I was surprised to find a spider's web and
then I saw there was movement," Gollas said. "The woman drove a motorcycle
and she had suddenly felt a strange feeling in her ear ... It appears this
was the time the spider entered her ear.

The patient, who was not identified, suffered no injury from the incident,
the doctor said.

"The spider found itself in her ear, and because the temperature is ideal
there, it stayed," Gollas said."

Goes to show you, some Urban Legends, Myths, & Mysteries could be based on truth....

*Cover Your Ears
Urban Legend

Yup, the spider in the ear story is true. I was about 8-years-old
(in 1978) when a nice sound sleep was interrupted by horrible noises in
one of my ears with a horrifying tickling sensation. I was screaming
and thrashing around realizing something had crawled in my ear. Well
I passed out, from fear and exhaustion and believe it or not - shut it
out of my mind somehow. The spider must have gotten caught in the
earwax in my ear somehow, and in it's terrified state - bit my ear
canal several times. I complained of severe earaches at school and
had a terrible temperature from the ear infection that resulted so I
was sent home. I had lots of ear-aches, so we didn't go to the doctor
right away, not until blood started dripping out of my ear. So then
we went.

The doctor was really nice, her name was Doctor Young I think
practicing in Yorkville). So when she washed out my ear she showed
me what came out, and pointed out that it was a spider at one time
the legs had dissolved in the earwax). I can't remember what kind of
spider she thought it was, but it may have been a wolf spider or brown
recluse - the bites were pretty bad and caused an infection and
bleeding. So for about 10 years I went to sleep with my ear pressed
to the pillow on one side, and the blanket pulled over my other ear. 
Anyway, so there's at least one true story about the spider in the
ear. It didn't lay eggs or anything exciting though.

Erich Schoedl
Yorkville, IL

*Bug in ear
Urban Legend

My fiancee's mother went to bed one night, and had this awful noise
she kept hearing. She kept asking her husband if he could hear it,
but he couldn't. Finally she couldn't take it anymore and she had
her husband run her to the emergency room. When they got there, she
explained to the doctor that she wasn't really having any pain, but
she felt off balance and she could hear this strange scratching sound
that apparently no one else could hear. He took one of the big
syringes, and flushed out her ear. The doctor turned around and
examined the fluid that drained out with a magnifying glass. To
everyone's surprise a baby ladybug had decided to take up residence
in her ear. The doctor said that they were probably attracted to her
head by the large amount of hair spray she wears on her hair, and when
she laid down, the little bug just climbed in her ear. To this day,
she doesn't use quite so much hair spray, especially in the summer.


*I hate spiders now more than ever.

I was sleeping one day waiting for my mom to come home and cook supper.
I was half asleep when I felt something tickle my ear. I swated at it
as I woke and thought someting crawled into my ear. Well my mom came
home and I realy didn't want to know so I waited for a wile. It was
starting to get to me so I had her pore peroxide in the ear a little
later wile I was siting leting the last drain out I felt it move. we
went to go to the emergency room but as we pulled out of our drive way
it came out my mom freaked and I got out of the car. She said it was
out thinking she ment out and crawling on me I pulled off my shirt it
was on my ear she took my shirt and beat it off.

I hate spiders I don't fear them much but I rather they stay away.

This happend a few weeks ago and I found this site wile looking for
info because just three days ago I had the same feeling and I am not
shure if it was all just me being paranoid or if I have a new guest in
my head I think I do.

Garden City Kansas

*Flea in my ear
Urban Legend

Well about two nights ago my children and I stayed at my mothers house. I feel asleep on the couch . At about 5a.m. I thought my ear was draining like ear wax or something so out of pure instinct I stuck my finger in my ear to release some of the pressure. That Is when it became loud and busy. I immediately knew something crawled in my ear! so I ran to her medicine cabinet , grabbed the peroxide and cotton swabs, and of course a few q-tips to dig out the intruder. so once I bubbled out my ear , and yes it bubbled allot, finally this little flea came crawling out the side. I was relieved to see it had decided it didn't like it in there, but then blood started to come out so I became worried. I decided to do nothing of the blood and be happy I'm not losing my mind from the humm and draining feeling that little critter was doing in my head. But now I sit here a few days later kinda off balance and a little muffled in hearing. humm I wonder if it laid any eggs lol. hope not.

Tonya Faye
Augusta, Georgia

*The Mosquito
True Story

I guess it's about time I wrote down this experience, especially since it happened when I was very young, and the pain it caused was terrible!

I had laid down to sleep, and a mosquito was buzzing around me for a while. I tried to ignore it and fall to sleep, for the room was so dark, no matter how many times I tried to brush it away, would it go away.

Somehow it ended up landing ON my ear, or so I thought, when actually, it had flown into my ear. I did all the usual expected, scratched my ear with my finger, shook my head, etc., I thought it had flown off, and didn't hear it again.

As I attempted to try and fall asleep again, a very strong pain came from my ear, eventually, growing in strength, and keeping me up all night. I complained about it, and peroxide was placed in my ear to try and wash the intruder out, but the pain never left.

I was taken to the doctor the next day, who used a drill type object which squirts water into the ear canal to clean it. Well what do you know? When the doctor told me to tip my head over, out came the mosquito, dead.

I never forgot that experience, as you can see, and tend to sleep now with the covers drawn over my ears. :)


Doctor finds spiders in boy's ear - 5/7/07

*Spider in Ear ( True Story )
Urban Legend

I can add to the truth of a spider crawling into an ear. Last weekend at our family cabin I was peacefully napping when I felt a tickle in my left ear and heard a crackling sound. I tried to wiggle my ear and dig whatever it was out, to no avail. It quit for awhile, so I figured it was just water or a mosquito that buzzed me. We went out to eat, then on the ride home, the noise started again. Just before entering the cabin (3 hours after the initial tickle) I felt a tickle, so I dug my finger into my ear and out came a spider (squished with 2 legs missing!). I yelled and did the scared dance while telling my husband what I found. My hearing was muffled, so we poured peroxide in to wash it out and out came a leg. The next day I had a horrible earache, like an infection and more crackling. Fearing more spiders, parts, or eggs I went to the doctor who said it was obvious I was bitten, but due to the peroxide I did not have an infection. They did name me spider woman at the clinic, though. I refuse to sleep at the cabin without cotton in my ears from now on. Ewwww!

Jenn Anderson
Bemidji, MN

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