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Ocean Surface Topography (TOPEX/Poseidon Sea Level  GRACE Geoid)

This image shows the average global ocean surface topography after the geoid is subtracted. The scale here is about 3 meters. It's not 200 meters anymore, as the geoid has been removed. The permanent current system is evident in this map. The yellow part, which is the highest, is in the Pacific Ocean. Towards the south, the green and blue reflects strong currents around Antarctica.

Off the East Coast of the United States, the Gulf Stream is reflected as a very sharp gradiant from blue to purple, about 100 kilometers wide. The sharp gradient of topography change off Japan is the Kuroshio Current. The sharp gradient of topography around Antarctica is the Antarctic Circumpolar Current.

For the first time we have an ocean weather map, a map of ocean circulation of the entire globe every 10 days. We have had such a map every 10 days for the past 13 years.