November 18, 2005

[KOREAN TV DRAMA REVIEWS] 미안하다 사랑한다 (I'm Sorry, I Love You)

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misa.jpg미안하다 사랑한다
I'm Sorry, I Love You - KBS TV 2004
(Mianhada, Saranghanda - lit. I'm Sorry, I Love You)
16 Episodes - 60 Minutes p.e. (about 65 in Director's Cut)
Official Website
Soompi MiSa thread (Translations, Episode Synopsis, etc.)

DVD - Korean Director's Cut (English, Korean Subtitles)

PD: 이형민 (Lee Hyung-Min)
[상두야 학교 가자 (Sang-Doo, Let's Go To School - KBS 2003) ]
WRITER: 이경희 (Lee Kyung-Hee)
[이 죽일 놈의 사랑 (A Love to Kill - KBS 2005), 떨리는 가슴 (Six Love Stories - MBC 2005), 상두야 학교 가자 (Sang-Doo, Let's Go To School - KBS 2003), 나는 달린다 (Running After a Dream, MBC 2003), 순정 (Purity - KBS 2001), 꼭지 (GgokJi, KBS 2000), 사랑밖엔 난 몰라 (Nothing But Love, MBC 1998)]

CAST: 임수정 (Im Soo-Jung) as Song Eun-Chae, 소지섭 (So Ji-Seop) as Cha Mu-Hyeok, 정경호 (Jung Kyung-Ho) as Choi Yoon, 이혜영 (Lee Hye-Young) as Oh Deul-Hee, 서지영 (Seo Ji-Young) as Kang Min-Joo, 옥지영 (Ok Ji-Young) as Song Sook-Chae, 이영하 (Lee Young-Ha) as Song Dae-Cheon, 신구 (Shin Goo) as Min Hyun-Seok, 전혜진 (Jeon Hye-Jin) Yoon Seo-Kyung, 박건태 (Park Geon-Tae) as Kalchi, 최여진 (Choi Yeo-Jin) as Moon Ji-Young

NEXT WEEK: 패션 70s (Fashion Seventies) - SBS 2005
AFTER: 앰 (M) - MBC 1994, 하노이 신부 (The Bride From Hanoi) - SBS 2005, 다모 (Damo) - MBC 2003, 모래시계 (The Sandglass) - SBS 1994, 열여덟 스물아홉 (18:29) - KBS 2005

Note: The review contains spoilers.


According to Hollywood films like Arthur Hiller's 'Love Story', love means never having to say you're sorry. But that rarely applies to Korean films and TV Dramas, as the sorrow and pain love often creates have always been one of Korean Cinema and TV's favourite tropes. Be it because of the 한 (恨, grief) sentiment permeating many different shades of Korean culture, or because the country had to suffer through many difficulties in its long history, last but not least the division between North and South, for a long time melodrama in Korea was associated with tragic, sad endings. All you need is a quick look at the top grossing films and most popular TV Dramas of all time in the country: from 모래시계 (The Sandglass) [SBS - 1994] all the way to 가을동화 (Autumn Fairy Tale) [KBS - 2000] and 천국의 계단 (Stairway To Heaven) [SBS - 2003]; from 쉬리 (Shiri) to 태극기 휘날리며 (Taegukgi). That sense of impending doom, that air of sadness buried deep inside many characters; that moment when death conveys a strong message, touches the viewers with the kind of power a simple 'and they lived happily ever after' coda could never achieve. That sweet culmination of life often assumes lyrical, almost majestic tones: it's a 'beautiful death.'

But there's always another side of the coin. Knowing the country's love for sad and touching endings, producers and directors often pound on the tearjerking shenanigans to save the day. And from their early days, TV Dramas have always been the biggest offender. There's a reason why some foreign viewers have started complaining that Korean TV Dramas are all the same, killing their heroines through a sudden disease or accident. That might be simply laziness and/or lack of talent on the part of the writers and producers. Some of them have even gained fame through their almost ridiculous obsession with over the top melodrama, like Yoon Seok-Ho and his 'Season Dramas.' Populated by Drama Queens who can't act, annoyingly unrealistic characters, ridiculous scripts full of redundant and childish moments, those Dramas have often ended up on the most awaited list of foreign K-Drama fans, for reasons that still escape me. Which in a way completes a vicious circle: certain foreign demographics demand those badly made melodramas, producers continue to focus on them (even when the domestic audience stays away from such product) to make more money, the choices of what is sold overseas decrease along with variety, the viewers complain it's all the same pap over and over, the circle continues.

But some people in the industry are starting to reverse those trends, slowly changing those tropes. With diseases acknowledged after a few episodes, changing the way the characters act and leading their life in new directions; with critical injuries or psychological states that help a character's defining traits emerge, instead of focusing on tears and piano sonatas, a lot of recent popular Dramas have started to use death, or the possibility of death as something to take advantage of, not a quick McGuffin to use at the end. From 네 멋대로 해라 (Ruler of Your Own World) and its outlook on the meaning of life, to 꽃보다 아름다워 (Prettier Than Flowers) using a disease to explore the many facets of family love; from 다모 (Damo) showing to which extent suffering sublimates two people's connection, to 발리에서 생긴일 (What Happened in Bali) which presented seemingly stereotypical characters but then completely turned the page, taking advantage of social preconceptions to unite all characters in a variety of sentiments: jealousy, madness, selfishness, sorrow, and why not not... even love.

All those Dramas have something in common: even though some became huge successes on TV (at home and abroad), first and foremost all of them were huge successes on the Net, the so called 'Mania Dramas'. The nature of TV Dramas in Korea always made it hard to remember shows unless they fell on opposite ends of the popular spectrum (huge success or huge flop), because of the sheer number of shows produced over a year. So a lot of great little Dramas silently lie in the dusty obscurity of TV Stations' archives, few people - even those involved in the shows! - remembering anything about them. But the age of the Internet brought dedicated Cafe's, Message Boards, Chat Rooms and even foreign sites, making a lot of those Mania Dramas survive even longer than expected.

Although the first ever 'Mania Drama' was probably 거짓말 (Lie) in 1999, with lower than expected ratings on TV and a good response on the Net, 'Ruler of Your Own World' was the first to create a cultural phenomenon, an immense group of people continuing to enjoy, watch, talk and write about the show long after it was done. People designed countless PC wallpapers and graphics, went to the locations (Hongdae) where the Drama was shot at and took photos, continued to follow the actors for years, and are probably still doing so. 'Damo' fans ushered in the era of the Million posts, invading the Official Website of the Drama which passed 4 Million posts a while ago. And today, Dramas that can't find an audience on TV often get their revenge on the Net.

Those Dramas also deviate from the norm, offer characters a little more realistic, situations with less superficiality and more meaning. They're not simply content with following fairy tale-like stories and impossibly distant characters. They instead draw viewers closer, using what might be looked at as stereotypes to carve real characters with real problems, things people can easily relate to using a little imagination. And they all feature, although to different degrees, that sense of impending tragedy, that pain leading the everyday life of people who feel extreme sentiments: passion, hate, rage, love... it's all pain. 'Damo' fans coined a term, 폐인 (PyeIn, a playword on 'Pain' meaning 'People crippled by pain'), which perfectly fits what these Dramas are all about.

One could mistakenly identify strong melodramatic overtones in all those Dramas, but that only happens after the reason for such suffering has been established. Which, you'll agree, is a big step up from simply turning up the music and asking an actress to cry followed by agonizingly long slow-motion pans. Just like all those shows, 미안하다 사랑한다 (I'm Sorry, I Love You) was a Mania Drama with incredible popularity on the Net, but also a huge success on TV. It confirmed young Im Soo-Jung as one of the most popular actresses in the country, and allowed pretty boy So Ji-Seop to show that, after all, he wasn't just a face and a body, but a talented actor with great potential to improve.

Starting its journey in Australia, 'MiSa' (Korean Drama titles are often shortened by fans to just two or three characters. In this case 'Mi' of 'Mianhada' and 'Sa' of 'Saranghanda') is one of the many Korean TV Dramas filming some of their episodes overseas. Foreign locations are nothing new, starting even as early as the mid 90s with MBC's 까레이스키 (Kareisky). But since the budgets of older Dramas can't be compared to what TV Stations spend today, going overseas was only possible if it helped the storyline, with 'Kareisky' itself being about the Korean Diaspora in Uzbekistan during the 30s.

But the most impressive of them all is probably 1998's 산 (Manaslu), a portrait of a family of mountain climbers who fight with their dream of beating the steep mountains in Himalaya. With a strong cast (Gam Woo-Sung, Jo Jae-Hyun, Cheon Ho-Jin, Kim Ji-Soo, Hong Ri-Na, Kim Mi-Sook, Kim Sang-Joong and more), amazing locations (location shoot in Nepal and the Himalaya) and the kind of addictive storytelling almost unheard of in today's Dramas, combining political and social commentary with the basic sentiments of family members, the show still remains one of the best ever.

With the increase in budget and popularity, most Korean TV Dramas are simply using overseas location as eye candy nowadays. From Paris to Thailand, from California to Prague, it's very rare to see today's shows take advantage of a foreign setting to help the plot move forward. 'MiSa' might seem one of those shows: we're introduced to our main man, Cha Mu-Hyeok, driving a stylish car, listening to Drunken Tiger in the streets of Sidney. Dressed with an almost crude 'grungy' fashion, with that 폭탄머리 (Bomb Hair) haircut which would become a fashion trend later - see Ryu Seung-Beom in 주먹이 운다 (Crying Fist) - displaying the same foppy Konglish which permeates the various 'Lovers in Somewhere other than Korea' clones. First impressions are always important, but 'MiSa' doesn't leave a great one. So you could guess the guy meets a Korean there, he falls in love, they go back to Korea thinking they'd never see each other again, and then coincidentally meet again, to fall in love once more. You wouldn't be too far off the mark, but it's the details that make things look a lot different than what they first might appear.

Mu-Hyeok is one of Korea's lost children, offspring of a generation which was facing tremendous difficulties, abandoning children to their destiny in an unknown land. Abandoning his foster parents, Mu-Hyeok roams the streets stealing petty money, dreaming of one day seeing his poor mother again, buy her a house, and finally live together. His girlfriend Ji-Young seems the kind of woman who would put two feet in one shoe for money, his 'friends' a facade ready to be exposed. The moment he meets Eun-Chae (who came to Australia for work related matters, and lost herself in the streets of Sydney), he tries his hardest to make it a one night stand, first pretending to be Japanese, then Chinese.

But when he asks her: "혹시... 한국 사람야? (Are you a Korean?), she explodes with joy, as if she won the lottery. Mu-Hyeok has lived through too many disappointments to care about people like Eun-Chae, or finding his way back to Korea the right way, so he ends up in trouble. Big trouble, trouble that could cost him his life. With the excruciating physical and mental pain from that experience, he finally decides to go back to his native land, where he will meet a few familiar faces who will change his life forever. The tough will become weak, the pain will become more bearable, until that moment. Until something bigger will come knocking at the door...

Adoption has become an important issue in today's Korean society, and 'MiSa' just made that debate a little hotter. Although there were people who criticized the show for painting a misleading picture of Korean adoptees living abroad, the show finally brought up the fact not all of them are living happy lives, completely integrated into their new society. Sure, using a TV Drama to tackle such serious issues might seem superficial at best, but 'MiSa' is smart enough not to be overtly preachy. It never falls into the trap of using Mu-Hyeok's situation as a mere McGuffin. Although what's used to start proceedings (Mu-Hyeok's accident) is a simple plot device, all the pain coming after that comes from realistic situations, from the pain of being left alone in a world you could never consider your own. 'MiSa' is all about pain. Forget all the silly 'love at first sight' stories beginning with two kids growing up together with only pure emotions inside their white little hearts. Forget the dichotomies of families not accepting our hero's fairy-tale marriage because of class division, forget the bad girls and the silly mama's boys.

In this Drama nobody is good, nor bad, neither black nor white. We're dealing with shades of grey, shades of selfishness and generosity, shades of love and hate, shades of joy and sorrow. There's no heroes or anti-heroes, just people. But the strength of shows like 'MiSa' is making embarrassing, painful situations resonate, have a meaning you can relate to. Take Lee Hye-Young's character, who acts like a diva from a 50s melodrama, but who's actually just mounting a barrier, a facade which hides years of suffering. Take Mu-Hyeok himself, as flawed a character as you're likely to see in a Drama of this scale. It's not a trendy drama mixing romantic tragedy and over the top love stories. It's a tale of revenge, pain, and the everlasting human suffering. But also those fleeting, beautiful moments in between which make life worth living up to the last moment.

It's not easy to write a Trendy Drama. You often have to deal with overseas shoots, big stars, advertisers to please, the obsession with TV ratings always haunting you. A lot of similar shows simply fall under the pressure of all that, reverting to easy formulas. And a lot of writers in this line of work would rather play it safe than risk alienating viewers. In the wasteland that Trendy Dramas have become, Lee Kyung-Hee is a bright light which slowly emerged in the last few years. Her Dramas don't have the realistic punch and 'street smarts' of In Jung-Ok (writer of 'Ruler of Your Own World'), the cinematic panache and humanism of Dramas produced by Lee Jae-Gyu of 'Damo' and 'Fashion Seventies', or the painful, almost embarrassing realism of Kim Soo-Hyun and Noh Hee-Kyung's works.

But she's a good writer, with both an eye for intelligent characters and the kind of dynamics that please the big suits. Her Dramas aren't completely devoid of flaws, like the tendency to drag a little in the middle part, or sometimes allowing tropes better associated with lesser works (like those 'beg in front of your lover for 24 hours' scenes) to bring down the quality of her shows. But the final result is almost always something that involves, that is well written, and leaves a lasting impression. 'MiSa' is no different, focusing more on the message than the melodrama itself.

And similarly, the acting helps the show definitely, although not everybody maintains the same standard. So Ji-Seop strolled through his earlier works with the kind of empty physicality associated with pretty faces who can't act, and I confess I never had a high opinion of his acting until 'What Happened in Bali'. But things are starting to change, as in the last two Dramas he's shown his choices are improving, just like his acting. Mu-Hyeok is still a character embodying strong physicality, but So shows his weaknesses in a very convincing way, which makes the character more interesting. And there's no need to introduce Im Soo-Jung, one of the most talented young actresses in Chungmuro. Another really strong performance, and she's starting to show some range, compared to past roles. As for supporting characters, it's a mixed bag: while Shin Goo, Lee Young-Ha and Lee Hye-Young excel, youngsters Jung Kyung-Ho and Seo Ji-Young (yes, the former S#arp member) don't fare quite as well. But what counts is the chemistry between the two leads, which is quite good, so some inconsistencies can be overlooked.

Fans of the show call this Drama 'MiSa' simply to shorten its title, it doesn't have any particular meaning. Just like that, they shorten long movie titles like 내 여자친구를 소개합니다 (Windstruck) to simply '여친소', or TV Dramas like 이 죽일놈의 사랑 (A Love to Kill) to '이죽사'. 미사 (MiSa) can mean different things in Korean, and a simple and effective way to differentiate between them is using Hanja (Chinese Characters): 美辭 for rhetorical language, and even 彌撒 for Christian Mass. But being a little creative one will find that short, simple moniker 'MiSa' perfectly defines 'I'm Sorry, I Love You'. Because even though you'll have to watch the show to find if that happens or not, or whom it happens to, it'll certainly be a 美死... yes, a beautiful death.


Only one version of the DVD available so far, and it's the definitive one. English and Korean subs, Director's Cut, a ton of extras... and it doesn't even cost a fortune like some recent Dramas. Also, if you look at Soompi and similar places, there are translations of the Extra features, so you'll also enjoy those in a way. I can't say this Drama will ever make my Top 10, but it's really a strong show you should try.

» Posted by X at November 18, 2005 05:49 AM
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Reader Comments

Ouch! Some of your comments about my favorite guy hurt. But thanks for the review. I agree the drama was flawed in places but I thought So Ji Sub's acting was awesome. But you know by now that I'm just biased. *wink*

» Posted by thunderbolt at November 18, 2005 11:19 AM

Thanks again for another great review. Yes, you'll find translations on the behind the scenes interviews and commentaries for the DVD SET at soompi. I myself helped translate some of them. The translations can also be found in my xanga:;=51&tab;=reviews&bflag;=

Like Thunderbolt, I too I'm biased towards this drama, feeling that without SJS, I wouldn't have liked this as much. He was the one factor that made me 'feel' for Cha Moohyuk, and because I 'felt' for him... I could love the people he loved too.

But I'm on RESURRECTION mode right now... (it's been 2 months but I still can't get over this!) I was trying to pin point the difference between these two dramas, and I felt MISA was more like an emotional rollercoaster~ because the writer created characters that we can grow to love 'in spite' of all their flaws... Resurrection/Revival... I became a fan of Kim Jiwoo the writer!!! I just cannot praise her enough!

While reading this, I was surprised you mentioned '산' (MOUNTAIN) and that you praised this drama so much. I still remember this... I started watching this for Kam Woo Sung, but soon I realized this wasn't the trendy drama so this couldn't be too popular... But being the marginal person I am, I didn't care. Although I felt almost 'bored' before and after watching, there was 'something' that made me play some scenes over and over in my head... I felt there was so much 'philosophy' in this drama, that of men going after unreachable dreamsk, like the birds in 'Thorn Birds'... knowing that the dream will 'kill' you in the end, but still being pulled towards this... I remember feeling like that 'mountain' was a huge monster, so big that a person's life became so insignificant. And yet so beautiful that people couldn't help but go there... to be devoured... to die. And yet, death itself meant nothing much.

I must go now. Wanted to write more, but I don't have time. Wanted to ask you this: Can you tell me what are your 10 BEST K-DRAMAS ever?



» Posted by priscilla at November 18, 2005 06:06 PM

ha ha.... good question.

More or less...

1. 여명의 눈동자 (Eyes of Dawn) - MBC 1992
2. 그대 그리고 나 (You and I) - MBC 1998
3. 서울의 달 (The Moon of Seoul) - MBC 1994
4. 종합병원 (General Hospital) - MBC 1994
5. 모래시계 (The Sandglass) - SBS 1994
6. 허준 (Hur Joon) - MBC 2000
7. 산 (Manaslu) - MBC 1998
8. 장미와 콩나물 (Roses & Beansprouts) - MBC 1999
9. 용의 눈물 (Tears of The Dragon) - KBS 1996
10. 홍국영 (Hong Guk-Young) - MBC 2001

» Posted by x at November 18, 2005 09:43 PM

And will any of those shows ever see the light of day on DVD? Do they even have a chance in hell (oh, aside from The Sandglass of course)?!?

» Posted by paratize at November 18, 2005 10:56 PM

1. Eyes of Dawn was supposed to release this December, but Bitwin canceled the release because of video quality problems. I guess our last hope would be mailing YA Ent. in droves asking them to release the drama.

2. You and I is starting to release on R2J, but judging from the price (about 130 per box) and length of the show (58 Episodes), it'd be like buying an used car. ^_^

3. The Moon of Seoul.... possible. Stars Choi Min-Shik and Han Suk-Gyu, so you'd think they'd get around it possibly.

4. General Hospital. Not likely since it's 92 Episodes, unless some Chinese bootlegger (oh... wait, 'legitimate DVD company') gets around it.

6. Hur Joon was released on subtitle-less Taiwanese DVD. Around 170 bucks total, check YesAsia.

7. 산 (Manaslu) - MBC 1998
8. 장미와 콩나물 (Roses & Beansprouts) - MBC 1999
9. 용의 눈물 (Tears of The Dragon) - KBS 1996
10. 홍국영 (Hong Guk-Young) - MBC 2001

Nearly impossible.

Your best bet is watching Arirang TV, at least for old MBC Dramas. I taped most of those shows off the channel over the years. They're great (although lately they've been a little lazy and keep repeating shows).

» Posted by x at November 18, 2005 11:08 PM

Looking at your list makes me feel 'you keep dwelling in the past'!~ just kidding. I'm actually reminded of the 'good old days.' Like reliving a golden era gone by. I recognize most of the titles, but that doesn't mean I watched them all (my family did, though, so I had watched bits and pieces of Choi Jin Shil's long family dramas here there...).

But now, I wonder how your 10 TOP list would be if you were to consider the more recent dramas (2000-2002 onwards?).

» Posted by priscilla at November 19, 2005 02:24 AM

I echo Priscilla's request: let us know your 2000-2005 Top 10 K-dramas please. I'm sure Resurrection and ROYOW are on your list but what are the other eight?

» Posted by thunderbolt at November 19, 2005 02:38 AM

arrghhh... that puts me in a tough spot. ^_^

OK, let me try. 2002-2005

1. 네 멋대로 해라 (Ruler of Your Own World) - MBC 2002
2. 상도 (Sang Do) - MBC 2001~2
3. 부활 (Rebirth) - KBS 2005
4. 불멸의 이순신 (The Immortal Lee Soon-Shin) - KBS 2004~5
5. 다모 (茶母, Damo) - MBC 2003
6. 노란 손수건 (Yellow Handkerchief) - KBS 2003
7. 대망 (The Great Ambition) - SBS 2003
8. 꽃보다 아름다워 (Prettier Than Flowers) - KBS 2004
9. 대장금 (Dae Jang Geum) - MBC 2003
10. 좋은 사람 (Good Person) - MBC 2003

I'm sure (I hope...) it'll change soon.

» Posted by x at November 19, 2005 03:18 AM

By just looking at your list, I can tell you like 'period' dramas a lot. Well, they may have less chance to sell in foreign countries, but they tend to be more 'serious' and having more back-bones. Thus, so many of the ACTING AWARDS are given to this productions too. As for myself, though I grew up outside of Korea, I have learned much of my mother-land's history by watching period dramas...

From your list, the only one I couldn't recognize was 좋은 사람. Who was in there, may I ask?

And about 노란 손수건 (Yellow Handkerchief)... I liked it too, but I know this drama was criticized for being similar to Youth Trap. The plot was a little similar, but I thought the direction and mood was very different. And personally, I looooooved YOUTH TRAP, which is of my all time favorites...

One last question... It's off topic! I'm really impressed with your command of English... I don't think I need to ask how good is your Korean. This I wanted to ask though: can you read Chinese characters?

Thanks again...

» Posted by priscilla at November 20, 2005 02:11 AM

좋은 사람 (Good People) had Shin Ha-Gyun, Han Ji-Min, Jo Han-Seon, So Yoo-Jin, Park In-Hwan, Son Byung-Ho, Myung Gye-Nam, Gi Ju-Bong... and more. Extremely solid and tight storyline, good acting (even from Jo Han-Seon... SHOCK! ^_^), often exciting and the romance doesn't get too much in the way. Quite a surprise, actually. It's out on R2J.

I see 'Yellow Handkerchief' more for the issues it brought up (law registry) than the similarities with Trap of Youth, but you're right... they're similar. Great acting and writing though. Ju Hyeon was so amazing the last 10 Episodes I'd love to watch it again just for that. Plus Lee Tae-Ran, Chu Sang-Mi... great stuff.

I can read a little Chinese (trad/simp) and understand some (thanks to 10 years of watching Chinese and HK films), and my Japanese is... well... peculiar. Kind like a jack of all trades master of none when it comes to languages, sadly. -_-

» Posted by x at November 20, 2005 02:25 AM

I've been meaning to get More Beautiful Than a Flower for a long time but kept putting it off. Seeing it in your list of Top 10 finally decided it for me. Thanks to you, I'm now US$111 poorer.

I thought Kim Sam Soon would be in your Top 10.

Back on topic. I disgree with this sentence in your MiSa review:

[The moment he meets Eun-Chae (who came to Australia for work related matters, and lost herself in the streets of Sydney), he tries his hardest to make it a one night stand, first pretending to be Japanese, then Chinese.]

Not a one-night stand. He was just looking for some spare cash. He was in love with Ji-young, his "wifey" of 7 years.

» Posted by thunderbolt at November 21, 2005 02:07 AM

Blame my memory. I just remembered the three-tiered pick-up line.

'Flower' is fantastic, especially if you like Family Dramas.

» Posted by x at November 21, 2005 02:57 AM

If 서울의 달 (The Moon of Seoul) ever came out on DVD set, I would buy it immediately. Don't forget that besides Cho Min Shik and Han Suk Gyu, it also had Chae Shi Ra and Baek Yun Shik. It was totally awesome ... I remember the good old days.

» Posted by Slide_rule at November 21, 2005 03:04 PM

This is all I have to say. Damo was a one-of-a-kind drama.
It was different. Unique. Special. You don't see many drama's get as popular as Damo. The storyline was just... awsome. Even after buying the DVD, I get "freshly" emotional (fustrated, angry, etc.)watching some of the episodes.Very few dramas can equal to this drama. End of story.

» Posted by GKim310 at November 21, 2005 04:43 PM

Ahhhhh... Moon of Seoul. The memories.... ^_^

» Posted by x at November 21, 2005 10:12 PM

I recommend everyone to watch this series. So damn sad. :T

» Posted by dork at November 21, 2005 11:46 PM

off topic---> you don't like What Happened in Bali? it's not in your top10. Will i ever see it "reviewed"?

» Posted by lyn at November 24, 2005 01:35 AM

Well, I've seen a few hundred TV Dramas, so not everything I liked can be there. Also, when making Top 10 lists I tend to focus on titles which still look impressive after years have passed.

I generally like 'Bali', it's well cast, good acting and a great finale. But of course it has flaws, it drags too much, falls into too many traps of the genre, and the supporting characters are a little too black and white. Still, good shows. It's on the list, although I don't know when I'll review it yet. I'm trying to strike a balance between new and older Dramas, otherwise it's all trendy Dramas and top stars (most of what's releasing today on DVD). There's more than that.

» Posted by x at November 24, 2005 02:12 AM

x- Just wondering if you've done a review of Manaslu? Gam Woo-sung is a big favorite of mine, and I haven't run across a reference to this drama in his filmographies.

» Posted by jls at November 26, 2005 04:10 PM

Haven't done a review yet. Would love to, 'cause it would mean it's coming out on DVD. ^_^

» Posted by x at November 26, 2005 11:57 PM

i love this movie

» Posted by yer at December 3, 2005 11:48 AM

I think this movie is so cute...and sad and many other words i can think of right now cause i am so tired. But that movie has so much to it.. it is so sad that how he hated his mother then at the ending he actually loves her for once...but what i didn't like it was that it was too long and the movie is just so slow...but its ok though its still a very good movie.

» Posted by Bao Xiong at February 18, 2006 02:33 AM

I Like This Drama Very much. Especially the actor....Mohyuk I love You....!!!

» Posted by mian at April 18, 2006 02:39 AM

'you an di' i saw on arirang tv, it featured a very young song seung hun, choi jin shil, cha in pyo among others. it kept me home on weekends watching it on tv. i rearranged my social schedule around it so i won'tmiss an episode. it is realistic, with funny, sad and happy moments without being mushy and all. you're right it is one of the best korean dramas ever.
can i ask you a question have you seen this drama renamed 'jigsaw puzzle' on arirang tv on weekends. i've been searching the web for some reviews but so far i haven't seen anything in english.the drama can be engaging but it makes you hate the four leads but we all end up watching it. it starred sohn hyun jun, choi chul ho, jo-mi-ryung an djin hee kyung.if you have please give some thoughts and i will give mine. this drama makes us here in the philippines to want our remote control thrown at the tv screens due to the 4 leads antics. a friend wants to bang the heads of the 4 leads against each other when she gets irritated to the max.

» Posted by ellenb at April 28, 2006 09:48 PM


does anyone know where I can send fan mail to the actors and actresses? either their agency name/address would be great. i have no idea where to look and i tried googling but to no avail.


» Posted by starz at May 6, 2006 07:11 PM

omg.....i love this movie so so sad...but i love it so much....omg.....i enjoy this movie alot...thx.....i just cant stop lovin this movie...i bust out in tears everytime i watch it....well thx for putting up the gald i got to watch it....this movie is one of my favorite korean drama.......hope everyone else enjoys it...:]..

» Posted by ka yang at June 10, 2006 01:42 PM

I like this series >So ji seop the best acter. i like he so must> pls send picture&e-mail; your him send for me thank you KBS

» Posted by Thanya at September 8, 2006 10:55 PM

u r stupid

» Posted by neon at October 16, 2006 04:38 AM

This dama so touching..i love the scenes,actors n actress esp the hero n heroin..they able to play their role....but then the actor who is "Yune" not really out shine.....even ths character can be conclude as an important role for this drama....that's all..

» Posted by Elaine Misen at November 29, 2006 10:20 PM

I think this drama is very touching and love So Ji Sup charaters, very dramatic, loving and lots more bout him. He is very talented guy and all the casts also...all very talented...Good story..Love it.

» Posted by bieluv at November 29, 2006 10:33 PM

I haven't gotten anything done today. I feel like a fog, but what can I say? I've just been letting everything wash over me lately, not that it matters. Shrug.

» Posted by Sten18261 at January 17, 2007 07:07 AM

I haven't gotten anything done today. I feel like a fog, but what can I say? I've just been letting everything wash over me lately, not that it matters. Shrug.

» Posted by Sten72018 at January 30, 2007 09:58 PM

I just don't have much to say these days, but so it goes. Today was a total loss. I guess it doesn't bother me.

» Posted by Sten56721 at March 6, 2007 07:24 PM

a film I'am Sorry i love you is the best

» Posted by Ernha at May 19, 2007 07:56 AM

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