May Company


1877  -  David May and partners opened dry goods store in Leadville, CO - first store in company.  

1888  -  May & the Shoenbergs acquire a bankrupt Denver store and move their operations out of Leadville, as the mining boom fizzles.

1892  -  David May and partners purchased Famous Clothing Store in St. Louis.

1899  -  David May and brother-in-law Louis Beaumont purchased Cleveland department store E. R. Hull & Dutton Co. and renamed it May Company.

1911  -  May acquired the William Barr Dry Goods Company in St. Louis, and combined operations with existing store to create Famous-Barr. 

1912  -  May acquired M. O'Neil n Akron, Ohio.

1923  -  May acquired A. Hamburger & Sons in Los Angeles and rebranded the store as the May Company.

1927  -  May acquired the Bernheim-Leader department store in Baltimore and renamed it May Company.

1946  -  May acquired Kaufmann's, Pittsburgh.

1957  -  May acquired Daniels & Fisher department store in Denver, and renames all Denver stores May D&F.

1959  -  May acquired Hecht's, a department store company with units in Washington, D. C. and Baltimore.  May Company store in Baltimore is renamed Hecht's.

1965  -  May acquired G. Fox, Hartford

1966  -  May acquired Meier & Frank , Portland

1979  -  May acquired Volume Shoe (Payless Shoesource) of Topeka, Kansas.

1986  -  May acquired Associated Dry Goods Corporation (ADG):  Lord & Taylor, New York;  Hahne's, Newark;  J. W. Robinson, Los Angeles;  Robinson's of Florida; St. Petersburg;  L. S. Ayres, Indianapolis;  Denver Dry Goods, Denver;  Sibley's, Rochester; Goldwater's, Phoenix.

1986  -  Strous, Youngstown was consolidated into Kaufmann's, Pittsburgh.

1987  -  Denver Dry Goods consolidated into May D&F.

1988  -  May acquires Foley's, Houston an Filene's, Boston from Federated in Campeau Corp. takeover.

1989  -  Hahne's consolidated into Lord & Taylor.  

1989 -  Goldwater's division broken up - stores consolidated with May Company California, Robinson's and May D&F divisions.  

1989 -  O'Neil's consolidated into May Cleveland, newly enlarged division renamed May Ohio.

1990  -  May acquires Thalhimer's from Carter Hawley Hale.

1990 -  Sibley's consolidated into Kaufmann's division.

1992 - Thalhimer's merged into Hecht's division, namplates changed.

1992 -  L. S. Ayres consolidated into Famous-Barr.  Ayres stores in Indiana maintain nameplate.

1993  -  May Merchandising and May Department Stores International relocated from New York City to St. Louis HQ.

1993 - G. Fox merged into Filene's division, stores renamed.

1993 - Robinson's and May Company California merged, all stores rebranded as Robinson's-May.

1993 - May Company Ohio merged into Kaufmann's division.  Stores rebranded.

1993 - May D&F merged into Foley's.  Stores rebranded.

1994  -  May acquired ten Hess's stores in PA and NY - Kaufmann's (6), Hecht's (2) and Filene's (2).

1994  -  May acquired four Steiger's units in New England - converting two each to Filene's & Lord & Taylor. 

1995  -  Purchased 14 Wanamaker's stores and 3 Woodrow & Lothrop stores from Taubman.  Converted to 15 Hecht's and 2 Lord & Taylor.  Wanamaker's stores rebranded as Hecht's.  Initial Philadelphia business is very difficult as customer shuns Hecht's name.

1996  -  May acquired 13 Strawbridge & Clothier 13 stores, and operated as part of Hecht's.  Eight Hecht's stores in Philadelphia area are converted to Strawbridge's nameplate.  

1996  -  Payless Shoesource spun off, became independent company.

1998  -  May acquired Jones Store Co., a former Mercantile nameplate, from Dillard's.

1999  -  May acquired Salt Lake City-based ZCMI

2000-2003  -  May builds a bridal and formalwear division with acquisitions of David's Bridal, After Hours, Gingiss, Priscilla of Boston and other smaller formalwear concerns.  Bridal Group is based in Conshohocken, PA, near Philadelphia.

2002  -  Two major division consolidations:  Kaufmann's is merged into Filene's Boston operations, and meier & Frank is merged into Los Angeles Robinson's-May headquarters.  Both Kaufmann's and Meier & Frank nameplates are retained.

2003  -  May divested 32 unprofitable Lord & Taylor stores, to concentrate on more successful Northeast, Detroit and St. Louis regions.

2004  -  May acquired Marshall Field's from Target.

2005  -  Federated acquired May Department Stores.

2006  -  Responsibility for former May divisions transferred to existing Macy's divisions:  Filene's to New York, Hecht's, Foley's to Atlanta, Robinsons-May to San Francisco.  Famous Barr and Marshall Field's become core of new Macy's divisions - Macy's Midwest and Macy's North.  Macy's Atlanta division renamed Macy's South.  Most former Kaufmann's stores are consolidated to Macy's Midwest, St. Louis.  Most former Meier & Frank stores are consolidated to Macy's Northwest, Seattle.  Control of Mall of America store is transfered to Macy's North, Minneapolis.

2006  -  Over 400 former May stores converted to Macy's nameplate.  Approximately 60 former May stores are swapped with existing Macy's stores or sold.

2006  -  Federated sold Lord & Taylor, which it had acquired in the May Company merger, to NDRC Equity Partners, LLC, for $1.2 billion.

2006  -  Federated unloaded Bridal Group - split between Leonard green Partners, LP and Men's Wearhouse.

2008 - Macys, Inc. consolidated the Macy's Midwest division in St. Louis into Macy's Atlanta, and Macy's North in Minneapolis into Macy's East in New York, thereby closing the remnants of the final two May divisions within the company, the former Famous-Barr and Marshall Field's divisions.

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