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So you think you know about Pompey FC...

Who scored in the 2-0 win at Old Trafford on Sat April 15th 1949?

You will find this and all the results and scorers from 1946 to their First Division triumph, so grab a beer or two and dive in... (It was Reid & Froggatt who scored by the way).

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For an in-depth history of Pompey FC from the beginning of time...

Where did Portsmouth get the nickname "Pompey"?

Club Records

Most league Points: 98 - 2002/03
Most league goals: 97 - 2002/03
Most league wins in a season: 27 - 1961/62, 1982/83
Most wins in a row: 8 - 2002/03
Best league win: 9-1 v. Notts County, April 9 1927
Best FA Cup win: 10-0 v. Ryde, 1899/00
Best league run undefeated: 15 (from 16 April 1921 and 18 April 1924)
Undefeated league games, home: 32, from 3 Jan 1948
Undefeated league games, away: 14 from 1 March 1924
Best run of league wins: 7, from 19 April 1980 and 22 Jan 1983
Best run of home league wins:14, from 19 Sep 1986
Longest run of league draws: 5, from 28 Sep 1977


Most appearances:
Jimmy Dickinson 834 total
(764 League, 49 FA Cup, 15 L Cup, 6 other)
Alan Knight 800 total
Peter Harris 520 total
Johnny Gordon 489 total
Harry Harris 428 total
Jack Weddle 396 total
John Milkins 389 total
Albert McCann 379 total
John Gilfillan 360 total
Most goals:
Peter Harris 208
Jack Weddle 184
Ron Saunders 162
Most League goals - season:
Guy Whittingham 1992 - 47
(42 League, 2 FL Cup, 3 others)
Billy Haines 1926 - 43
(40 league, 3 FA Cup)
Most International apps:
Jimmy Dickinson 48 (England)

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