The 2008 Hot List

Hot Actor | Robert Pattinson

Hot Band Everyone Wants to Be In | MGMT

Hot Gossip Girl | Leighton Meester

Hot Singer | Dhani Harrison

Hot Bombshell | Odette Yustman

Hot Rock Gods in Training | The Answer

Hot Production Duo | S*A*M and Sluggo

Hot Scary Sport | Scary Sport

Hot New Winona Ryders | Olivia Thirlby, Emma Stone, Hannah Bailey, Ellen Page, Kat Dennings

Hot Cast | Sean Penn and the Actors of Milk

Hot Rock Scene | Laurel Canyon

Hot Movie Drama | Where The Wild Things Are

Hot Biopic | Notorious

Hot Male Mood | Beta Macho

Hot Bedroom Trend | Green Sex Toys

Hot Comeback | Mickey Rourke

Hot International Crisis | U.S. Stars Losing Gossip Battle to Shameless Brit Girls

Hot Job | Denim Butler

Hot Multipurpose Drug | Ambien

Hot Scene-Stealer | Danny McBride of HBO's Eastbound and Down

Hot Sci-Fi Beyoncé | Janelle Monáe

Hot "Safe" Drug | 2C-B

Hot Sort-Of Sequel | Russell Brand's Aldous Snow

Hot Rocker Job | Bimbos Cantina

Hot Backlash | Michael Cera, Funny or Die, Auto-Tune

Hot Cultural Barometer | Drew Barrymore's Lusty Heart

Hot Porn Star | Sasha Grey

Hot Creature | Werewolf

Hot Geek Angst | Watchmen Worry

Hot Folkie | Bon Iver

Hot Box | Death by Audio

Hot Revival | Drum Circles

Hot Star Magnet | Sam Spiegel


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