mocha cookies the bakery

Mocha Cookies The Bakery

With melted chocolate in the dough, a ton of chocolate chips, and a spot of espresso powder to play up the bittersweet nature of chocolate, this recipe could be the only one a chocolate lover ever needs.
viennese vanilla crescents

Viennese Vanilla Crescents

Ground hazelnuts give these rich crescents their depth, but vanilla-scented sugar is the touch that takes them to a whole new height.
cranberry pistachio biscotti

Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti

The combination of chewy, sweet-sour bits and nuts within a very crunchy cookie makes this our favorite among the many biscotti recipes we have run.
strawberry tart cookies

Aunt Sis’s Strawberry Tart Cookies

Like tiny strawberry pies with sugar cookie crusts, these are a bite of summer that's very welcome this time of year.
basler brunsli

Basler Brunsli

Renowned pastry chef and teacher Nick Malgieri gave us this incredible recipe for spiced, flourless bittersweet chocolate cookies.
coconut macademia shortbread

Coconut Macadamia Shortbread

There are almost no foods in the world as rich as macadamia nuts. Combine them with coconut and lots of butter, and you end up with these irresistible tropical treats.
anise-scented fig and date swirls

Anise-Scented Fig and Date Swirls

It's hard to think of a more festive stocking stuffer than these treats: a gooey, sticky fruit filling swirled into slightly tangy cookies.
chocolate coconut squares

Chocolate Coconut Squares

Somewhere between bar cookies and candy bars, with a thick layer of chocolate on the top, these rich little treats were the finale to a caroling dinner that began with a modern take on Beef Wellington.
swedish ginger thins

Swedish Ginger Thins

This is one of our favorite takes on ginger cookies; cinnamon and cloves underline their deep spiciness, while a toasted almond on top adds a different kind of crunch.
chocolate sambuca crinkle cookies

Chocolate Sambuca Crinkle Cookies

With an intense anise top note that gives way to a bittersweet chocolate-walnut flavor, these dramatic beauties are sure to please anyone with a taste for complexity.


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