“Shoe Sole” Cookies

Their name seems particularly unfair: These puff-pastry treats are far too flaky and tender to ever line the bottom of a shoe. Scoring them with a knife in a waffle pattern, as the recipe suggests, creates a nice textural contrast.
saint nicholas cookies

Speculaas (Saint Nicholas Cookies)

The Dutch and Belgians celebrate the season with this hybrid treat, part spice cookie and part shortbread.
dutch caramel cashew cookies

Dutch Caramel Cashew Cookies

Streaked with cashews and crunchy caramelized sugar, these cookies are already spectacular; using roasted, salted nuts instead of raw ones takes them over the top.
crescent cheese cookies

Crescent Cheese Cookies

These jammy cookies are really rich little pastries, thanks to the inclusion of pot cheese (a slightly drier version of cottage cheese) in the dough.
greek butter cookies

Kourambiedes (Greek Butter Cookies)

Utterly simple, these buttery bites have a flavor all their own, thanks to the addition of cloves, orange liqueur, and ground almonds.
portuguese almond cookies

Almond Bolas (Portuguese Almond Cookies)

The Portuguese can't resist working egg custards into virtually all their sweets, and these are no exception.
lemon thins

Lemon Thins

How do you capture the bright sourness of lemon in a cookie? These thins do the trick: Each unassuming bite packs a punch of citrus flavor.
Irish coffee crunchies

Irish Coffee Crunchies

Whiskey, coffee, and heavy cream lend these oatmeal cookies an Irish pedigree—and a definite sense of mischief.
anise cookies

Bizcochitos (Anise Cookies)

Made with lard instead of butter, these New Mexican treats have the most tender, extraordinarily flaky texture.
linzer bars

Linzer Bars

Linzer cookies are characterized by the combination of almond dough with jam. They come in all different shapes, but we're particularly fond of these bars because they have all the appeal of the cookies with the ease of a tart.


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