Movie critic Roger Ebert gained infamy for his "video games are not art" statement. Well, someone needs to hook him up with a copy of the newly released PSN title Flower, and force feed the unkindly critic his own words. Masterful controls and the perfect mix of music and color combine to make an interactive experience that's not only creative and unique, but takes players on an emotive journey. If you're looking for an example of art in video game form, Flower is it.

Flower is a game of beauty and grace. There is no dialogue or text. There is just you, a small flower petal that floats gently in the breeze that has a gift for bringing life and color to a dreary world. You do this by guiding yourself through the air, touching other flowers so they blossom. The game can be played on one hand, with players guiding their petal (and the many petals you accumulate like some kind of giant petal conga line) using only the movements of the Sixaxis controller and the press of a button that creates a "wind boost" to speed up your movement.

While its gameplay is uncomplicated and enjoyable, its Flower's presentation -- which works in perfect harmony with the game's simple controls -- that sets it apart from other downloadable titles. Visually the game is stunning, with picturesque environments and more colors than Van Gogh and Davinci's palettes combined. But even more dynamic is the music in Flower. Overall, the mood of the game is meditative -- even uplifting -- but depending on the level the melodic sounds of a guitar, piano and even wind and rain will leave gamers feeling tense, scared and excited -- all in the span of a few seconds.

Flower is an amazing game, but it may not be for everyone. The can't-nature-and-man-just-get-along feel can come across as a tad preachy (which is ironic since its all implied), and hardcore types may view it as more "artsy experience" than actual video game, but don't let that deter you. A unique, beautiful title that tells a story without uttering a word - Flower is a quality game that deserves your time and attention.

PROS: Great use of Sixaxis controller, brilliant combination of touching music and wonderful visuals
CONS: Only six short levels

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sure looks girly, it might be the bomb though I'd have to play it, they should put it on iPhone


AngelofChaos wrote:

I kinda want it...

But you got a 360 instead...oh, goodness. ;)


ViciousJ wrote:

AngelofChaos wrote:

I kinda want it...
But you got a 360 instead...oh, goodness. ;)

Ha Ha Ha I bet MS will come out with some crappy rip off of this and charge twice the amount..

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