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Report: Fox Could Drop Baseball Pregame Show

December 10, 2008 6:10 p.m. EST

Matthew Harvey - AHN Sports Reporter

Las Vegas, NV (AHN) - Once thought recession-proof, even baseball is feeling the sting of the bad economy, as talk around the league is Fox may be dropping its pre-game show next year.

While mainstream America feels the pinch, baseball shares its pain. Going into last year, 26 free agents signed contracts worth $377 million.

This year, that figure is down to 17, for only $127 - and perhaps some players have signed off on salary cuts.

It's been reported by insidesocal.com that the pregame show has already been dropped, though this was not confirmed immediately by Fox.

A spokesperson for Fox said Tuesday that the discussions were still ongoing, and that the final plans had not been solidified.

Broadcasters Kevin Kennedy and Jeanne Zelasko would be out of a job - Kennedy is a former AL manager, who once worked with the Rangers, and then the Red Sox.

Zelasko, meanwhile, has come under fire at times for flippant and insulting remarks during broadcasts and for not being particularly knowledgeable about the sport.

Most notably was her insult to former legendary broadcaster Ernie Harwell in 2005, whom she only let talk for 17 seconds before cutting him off and moving on to another topic.

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