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  1. Amazing night @NBATV tonight. Check in tomorrow @ 8pm to see a special Fan Night with Michael Jordan's best Playoff performances.
  2. @24BenMarsh24 Those look pretty sweet. Stay tuned to find out!
  3. Lots of NBA Action right now. What games you watching tweet peeps?
  4. Did anyone see Jason Terry's game winner in the Mavs-Twolves matchup? You did if you were tuned in to NBA-TV! Where Amazing Happens
  5. Jason Terry wins it with the baseline jumper with two seconds remaining. Mavs win 96-94.
  6. ---- Eric Snow and Anfernee Hardaway break down the pros and cons of being of being a big guards.
  7. Bulls get a HUGE win against Detroit tonite! Tune in to NBA-TV for scores and highlights around the League
  8. Huge 3-point play by D. Rose to tie up the game 88-88. Rookie of the Year, whaddya think?
  9. RT @NBATVEric: @deshawnsnow hello how are beautiful...... How cute.
  10. RT @RealLamarOdom: - Had a great day at practice today
  11. @basketball77 Thanks for the shout out. TheGlove and CWebb are the greatest.
  12. @NBATVEric hates this video of Dwyane Wade crossing him over.... so here it is for my real Twitter Peeps
  13. @CodyCraig That would be nice but the Bulls don't want any part of LBJ and the gang in the first round. They don't want to fall to No. 8.
  14. Rip Hamilton has 19 points at half and the Pistons lead the Bulls 56-48 on NBATV
  15. @Romeofosho Hardaway says yes he still has the Lil Penny doll in his house. It's in his game room.
  16. - Lil Penny chillin in the Green Room @NBATV
  17. Bulls & Pistons tied at 31 at the end of 1..turn to NBA TV now!!!!
  18. - @NBATVEric is learning to tweet.
  19. Rose is my rookie of year
  20. Tweet Peeps--- Got any questions for Lil Penny?