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(misc)-> Optimum Online Bandwidth Capping submited by Russell Thu 18 May 06
Edited Wed 24 Oct 07
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May 18,2006 ( Optimum online gives me an anniversary present)
Optimum Online Bandwidth Capping[Wikipedia]
June 15,2006

Capping occored , not during the spikes, but during the time of minimal to no uploading around noon. This image was captured within an hour of the capping.
June 2007
A year passes and they still refuse to change. I was asked to look into Cablevision's Optimum Online service for the office and I called about this. The sales rep. Tried to tell me that the New Static IP service is not as restricted as the other services. When I started asking specfic questions. ("Is there a bandwith limit on port 80, as I have read that there is?" ) He transfered me to a tech, who when pressed told me that :
The Bandwith Capping Policy is the same for buisness and residential customers
At the time the Tech support guy said this I was on a three way call with a sales rep. The Sales Rep. Replyed "I didn't know that". .... So they aren't even honest with thier own employees. How can the employees be expected to deal with honestly and integrety to the customers if they too, are kept in the dark. Also note, this comment from the Optimum Online Tech. Support Representive is Still Consistant with the details on the wikipedia page.

How they don't get sued for false adverstising when they claim to offer a "business class" service that is the same as the hobbled service they sell to home users continues to puzzle me.

How do we go about starting a class action lawsuit aginst cablevison?
Optimum Online Bandwidth Capping (Anonymous)
atleast verizon seems to get it (Russell)

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