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BBC Acknowledges Bias

halldor4 wrote 13 minutes ago: The BBC Trust’s Editorial Standards Committee (ESC) has upheld complaints about the BBC’ … more →

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Israel will not cooperate with UN Gaza inquiry...

nwoobserver wrote 28 minutes ago: JERUSALEM, April 15 (Reuters) - Israel does not plan to cooperate with a U.N. agency’s investi … more →

Tags: War crimes

The banality of Evil .

fitzg wrote 41 minutes ago: Wednesday, April 15, 2009 The banality of Evil . … more →

Tags: Anti-Semitism, British Muslims, Eurabia, Gaza, Geert Wilders, Great Britain, hamas, Hate Speech?, Islam

Propaganda of the Seed 4: Seed Propaganda!

jpo wrote 56 minutes ago: One factor that limits the growth of the anarchist community is the scarcity of our media in mainstr … more →

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He Remembers His Covenant Forever...

Carl Gobelman wrote 1 hour ago: He is the Lord our God; his judgments are in all the earth.  He remembers his covenant forever, the … more →

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Reason #3 You Should Be Involved in Messianic Judaism2 comments

josephmcole wrote 1 hour ago: We’ve all seen fads and popular philosophies come and go within the Church. The Word of Faith … more →

Tags: Messianic Judaism, Jews, church

MSM: Israel’s Peres says Iran aspires to “take over” the Mideast

sakerfa wrote 1 hour ago: Israel’s President Shimon Peres said on Monday that Iran aspired to control the Middle East, in his … more →

Tags: Education/Mind Control, Fascism, Iran, Mainstream media, middle east, nwo, Politics/Elect/Corrupt, Terrorism, War/Draft

Baseless Apartheid accusations against Israel

ivarfjeld wrote 1 hour ago: The former U.S. president Jimmy Carter was in December 2006 quoted by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz … more →

Tags: Islam, EndTimes, Christianity, zionism

Visiting Sderot

Jonathan Boyko wrote 2 hours ago: There is just 5km distance between Gaza and Sderot This Passover Sunday, I have managed to go to sou … more →

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10 Stops in 37 Days . . .

Bruce Solsten wrote 2 hours ago: Today I am thinking that I should limit the number of stops on my trip to about 10.  I am vacillatin … more →

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Obama reaches out to Iran - disgrace

Michael Burks wrote 2 hours ago: The message is a dramatic shift in tone … more →

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WBW #56 Fine Kosher Wine1 comment

Sonadora wrote 3 hours ago: That time of the month crept up on us again: Wine Blogging Wednesday! Our host this month is the Co … more →

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Solving Palestine While Israel Destroys It!!!

Farhud wrote 3 hours ago: Kathleen and Bill Christison have been writing on the Middle East for several years and have co-auth … more →

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Good News According To Godfearers Who Worshipped The God of Israel But Were Not Jews

goodnewsto wrote 3 hours ago: Before Jesus, Godfearers (from Greek θεοφοβείς, or φοβουμενοι τον θεον and Neo-Persian: Tarsàkàn) ar … more →

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ketket wrote 3 hours ago: What are you expecting?.. That maybe. . . . A certain person would visit your blog and maybe that pe … more →

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Rally protests Jerusalem home demolitions

bandannie wrote 4 hours ago: Arabs, Jews join forces to demonstrate against home demolitions in east Jerusalem Ronen Medzini Ab … more →

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The dilemma of the "good" Muslim - Deepak Chopra

jagoindia wrote 4 hours ago: “If hundreds of millions of Muslims oppose Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, where are the street dem … more →

Tags: Islamofascism, Muslim Countries, muslims, Terrorism, United States of America

America, Choose Your Crises Carefully

The American Exception wrote 4 hours ago: During the presidential campaign, Joe Biden predicted that the new president would be tested within … more →

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What are the origins of Muslim anti-Semitism? - Haaretz - Israel News

zebrambizi wrote 4 hours ago: Interesting little article by Yaron Harel from Haaretz 14/04/2009 What are the origins of Muslim ant … more →

Tags: Great Britain, Anti-Semitism, Christians, Egypt, Human Rights, INTERNATIONAL, Islam, Islamic terrorism, Labour Party