bourbon balls

Bourbon Balls

Everyone should have one no-bake cookie in his or her recipe box. These are our favorites, moist and boozy with Bourbon. Definitely not for children.
cloudt's pecan treats

Cloudt’s Pecan Treats

Gourmet editors traveled to Atlanta and fell in love with Cloudt's grocery store, where they discovered these rich and nutty pecan squares.
chocolate meringue biscuits

Chocolate Meringue Biscuits

Cloud-light almond meringues crunch in the mouth, then dissolve on the tongue—leaving the cool layer of chocolate to melt away slowly.
norwegian butter cookies


Simple, classic, and very buttery, these Norwegian cookies are typically made with a cookie press. But we like them just as much when they are baked in rounds or piped into little S's.
butter cookies


These sandwich cookies can be filled with either apricot jam or chocolate ganache; a little rum in the dough sets off the sweetness of the jam, and also deepens the flavor of the chocolate.
pecan tassies

Pecan Tassies

Didn't get enough pecan pie at Thanksgiving? These miniature tassies—single, indulgent bites of chopped nuts wrapped in cream-cheese pastry—will hit the spot.
pastelitos de broda

Pastelitos de Boda

Similar in style to European butter-and-nut cookies, these crumbly sweets are made with pecans (which are native to the Americas) rather than hazelnuts or almonds.
mocha toffee bars

Mocha Toffee Bars

The country went wild for the combination of buttery toffee and chocolate in the 1980s. These chewy bars with bits of roasted cashews epitomize exactly that over-the-top quality that we all craved.
pistachio tuiles

Pistachio Tuiles

Tuiles may have been trendy in the '80s, but we're pretty confident that our nutty, potato-chip-thin version will never go out of style.
brown sugar ginger crisps

Brown Sugar Ginger Crisps

Little nuggets of spicy crystallized ginger are mellowed with brown sugar in a sophisticated butter cookie.


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