netvibes.org is netvibes' website dedicated to its Open Source projects. By giving away our technology, we hope to foster innovations in the widget and personal-page space, and launch a discussion about their wide implementation.


UWA JavaScript Runtime

Lets you run UWA widgets
More information

Download the UWA JS Runtime Preview 3 - ZIP (244 KB)

Exposition PHP Libraries

Handle server operations of widgets
More information

Download the Exposition PHP Lib Preview 3 - ZIP (424 KB)

Also get the sample application to see these libraries running:
Download Exposition PHP Server (Preview 3 - ZIP 444 KB)

Netvibes APIs

Netvibes.org is for our Open Source components. We also have built APIs around our technologies, such as the Universal Widget API (UWA), the Netvibes REST API which is used by most of the the above components, the Netvibes Ecosystem API for those wanting to use Ecosystem's data, and the UWA-IFrame method, which lets anyone properly display a UWA widget anywhere on the Web.

Learn more at dev.netvibes.com.

Netvibes specifications

Netvibes.org is also the repository of all our current and future specification, including the Netvibes UWA specification.


The programs UWA JS Runtime, Exposition PHP Lib, and Exposition PHP Server are distributed under the GNU LGPL v3. You may use them provided you respect the terms and conditions of this license. The use of the Netvibes Services and Netvibes Site are governed by the Netvibes Terms of Service.