Bodyslam University
on the Move!

J immy Snuka's Bodyslam University will be in a new and improved location starting in November.
The new school will be on University Drive in Davie, Fl. in an air conditioned building complete with locker rooms.
We will also be running monthly live events and offering packages for children's birthday parties!
More details will be announced soon but if you or anyone you know has ever considered stepping into the squared circle, now is the time and Jimmy Snuka's Bodyslam University is the place!
Click on contact on this website and send us an e-mail or call 954-275-1334 to make an appointment to see a training session and learn more today!

August 20, 2005
Coral Springs Gymnasium
“Independence Bash”

Antonio Banks
d. Blackhart & Bruno Sassi
(3way) (New CCW champ)

D-Lo Brown d. Kahagas

Cash Money Bros.
d Scott Commodity & Preston James
(new champs)

Sean Allen d. Shane McLane

Nasdaq d. Wade Koverly

Dok Rivers d. Craig Steele

Bad Dog Bullock
d. "Cowboy" James Carr