Casey Keyworth, also known as 'Breakfast', resides in Annapolis, Maryland, where he has lived all his life. Being born and raised in the United States, he had never been introduced to Electronic music until the age of 10 when he heard 'Around the World', a hit song by the French duo Daft Punk. Shortly after, he purchased MTV Music Generator, which served as an introduction to producing. After using the program for a few months, he realized that it lacked the quality that he was looking for. Amidst using this program, Casey was introduced to trance by the track 'Dreaming' by Brian Transseau (a.k.a. BT), he was hooked. While looking for a new program, Michael Forcer, an internet friend, introduced him to Fruity Loops.

After using the program for a few months, Casey was happy with what it had to offer. With the support of friends and family, he was producing prolifically and steadily improved over time. Along the way he met several diverse producers and artists like that of Magnus Martinsen, Nik Planck, James Underwood, Alex Arestegui, Joni Ljungqvist, Brandon Godfrey, Big Mike, and Blueshift. With their opinions and idea's; these people have played a large role in influencing and shaping Casey's music and style to what it is today.

After years of practice, with new sounds and a fresh style, he was ready to share his music with the world. During a Ferry Corsten gig in Washington, he decided to step up to the star DJ and give him a demo which contained two 'Breakfast' productions; 'River of Light' and 'The Air Between'. Ferry was so impressed by the tracks on this demo that he started playing them in his sets worldwide and decided to sign 'Breakfast' at his label 'Flashover Recordings'. Both tracks have been released in September 2006 on a double A-side vinyl.

The follow up EP 'The Storm' was released in December 2006 and this one got massive support as well.