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Starsky and Hutch

Fiction and Poetry

Starsky in longjohns, Hutch in a dither

I'm more comfortable talking about "my universe" in Trek fic, but ... now at least there's this S&H; movie to distinguish one's fic from.

Anyway, I'm NOT writing about the movie. What I will grandly call "my primary universe" in Starsky and Hutch is one in which they're the TV guys, they're both bisexual, they both know it, and they're involved in various sexual relationships, including with each other.

Then there are these other stories I wrote. Some are kinda similar in background, some not. The most recent additions are from zines, and a couple of those are really and truly Alternate Universes. And then there are, um, poems.

Other people's Starsky/Hutch fanfic, recommended by me

"Primary Universe" Stories

The Corsicans

Rating: NC-17
Part 1: 63K
Part 2: 74K
Summary: At the academy, with and then without John Colby.


Rating: NC-17
Size: 20K
Summary: PWP, set during pilot movie. After a long day on the case, Hutch drives Starsky home.

What You Want, What I Need

Rating: NC-17
Size: 47K
Summary: Missing scene, between the zoo scene and the tag in "Pariah." I think this is h/c.

Nothin' but Blue Skies

Rating: G
Size: 2K
Summary: Drabble, soapy scene on the beach.

Wrestling as One of the Fine Arts

Rating: NC-17
Size: 31K
Summary: After "Omaha Tiger," Starsky and Hutch, um, wrestle.

Fools and Kings

Rating: NC-17
Part 1: 48K
Part 2: 51K
Part 3: 48K
Summary: First printed in the zine Venice Place Chronicles 1 in 2001. Hutch and Starsky fall in love with women and lose them; their own relationship has ups and downs. Spans from "Gillian" to "Starsky vs. Hutch." I also include links to three illustrations by Julie Henderson.

Merry Christmas, Perkowitz

Rating: NC-17
Size: 28K
Summary: PWP, set just after "Little Girl Lost." Starsky and Hutch invite Perkowitz to a private party. (Yup. Threesome.) Originally printed in the zine Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions.

Fallen in the Sea; or, Tonbe nan la Me

This story has been redacted as a result of some thinking I did about cultural appropriation.

Let's Not Talk About That

Rating: R
Size: 15K
Summary: Starsky tells a bedtime story.

Rainy Night, Sunny Morning

Rating: NC-17
Size: 16K
Summary: PWP: Starsky and Hutch get wet and spend the night at Starsky's apartment. (First S/H I ever wrote, and I'd revise it to be more consistent with some particular canon spot, but why bother?)


Rating: PG
Size: 12K
Summary: After "The Plague." Once upon a time there were two people trying to tell the same fairy tale, so it got pretty fractured.

Out of Sight

Rating: NC-17
Size: 28K
Summary: Right after the tag of "Blindfold."

Grin and Bear It

Rating: G
Size: 5K
Summary: Vignette, set shortly after "Sweet Revenge." Hutch angst.

I'm Telling You

Rating: PG
Size: 45K
Summary: About six months after "Sweet Revenge," Hutch goes to Minnesota for Thanksgiving and to tell his parents some news.

Life, Not Style

Rating: PG-13
Size: 7K
Summary: Starsky's mom calls to talk about their lifestyle; set in early 1980s.

Faded Up to the Sky

Rating: R
Size: 6K
Summary: Vignette, in which Starsky and Hutch appreciate Starsky's old jeans.

Toutes Les Étoiles

Rating: G
Size: 2K
Summary: Drabble: Starsky and Hutch, vacationing for New Year's. This year (though, you know, a lot of years could fit).

What Survives Is Gold

Rating: NC-17
Size: 14K
Summary: It's 2033. They're old. They're still together.

Other-Universe Stories

Take It Easy

Rating: G
Size: 8K
Summary: ALmost gen. Starsky drives for a while.

Count the Ways

Rating: PG
Size: 10K
Summary: One of those drunken conversations.

Not With a Bang

Rating: NC-17
Size: 31K
Summary: Set some months after Sweet Revenge. I've quit being embarrassed about this one, but it still bothers me. Maybe Robert Frost was right, and nothing gold can stay.

Another Day, Another Miracle

Rating: NC-17
Size: 33K
Summary: A heat-wave in 1989 makes them both a little crazy ... which can be a good thing. (Whoa! A first time!)

I Wish I Was Homeward Bound

Rating: NC-17
Part 1: 86K
Part 2: 92K
Summary: What if neither of them were police officers, but they still ran into the same trouble? (Same LA, same 70's.) First published in the zine Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions

Another Dawn Patrol

Rating: NC-17
Chapters 1 and 2: 75K
Chapters 3 and 4: 79K
Chapters 5 and 6: 66K
Chapters 7, 8 and 9: 68K
Summary: Hmm, what if they were flying aces during World War I? Based on the marvelous David Niven and Errol Flynn film Dawn Patrol and first published in the zine Timeless.


To an Answering Machine in California from a Telephone in Minnesota

Size: 2K
Summary: Hutch calls from his parents'.

Dragons Slain

Size: 2K
Summary: While Starsky is sleeping, Hutch is thinking.

West on Good Hope Road

Size: 2K
Summary: Starsky's thinking while Hutch drives.

Virtual Season Episode #5: Faithful to Thee, Cynara

Also these shorts (links are to non-graphics versions):
Words Made Flesh (a "day in the life"--night, in this case)
Dreamland (missing scene from "Faithful to Thee, Cynara")
Cup of Decaf (missing scene from "Faithful to Thee, Cynara")

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