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  • Afghanistan’s National Security Forces by Council on Foreign Relations, 16 Apr 2009 -- "In outlining his new strategy for the beleaguered Afghan military campaign, U.S. President Barack Obama put Afghanistan's nascent security forces front and center in the U.S. effort to right the mission. Obama announced the deployment of about four thousand additional U.S. troops to train Afghan soldiers which, the president said, will "fully resource our effort to train and support the Afghan Army and Police" for the first time. ..."
  • Buy America Blues by James Jay Carafano, 16 Apr 2009 -- "According to recent news commentary "[']Buy American' provisions in the economic stimulus legislation moving through Congress have foreign leaders threatening retaliation and academics warning that the globe could soon go through the kind of tit-for-tat protectionism that helped deepen the Great Depression." Indeed as Heritage Foundation analyst Daniella Markheim argues in "Buy American Hurts America" the provisions "protect the few at the expense of the many. ..."
  • THE IRAN A-BOMB SCAM by Sam Cohen, 15 Apr 2009 -- "On Sunday, March 1, the U.S. chief military and civilian defense leaders spoke out on Iran's atomic weapons program. Assuming both had full access to US intelligence on this program, it is surprising that they voiced two different views. ..."
  • India's Electoral Politics by Council on Foreign Relations, 15 Apr 2009 -- "Elections in India, the world's second-most populous country, evoke descriptions like 'spectacle' or 'carnival,' in part due to the overwhelming numbers that participate in the process. In this country of over a billion people, 714 million voters will decide who rules the world's largest democracy for the next five years. ..."
  • Battling Pirates by James Jay Carafano, 14 Apr 2009 -- "After the rescue of the Captain of the Maersk Alabama, the ship's officer told reporters "We would like to implore President Obama to use all of his resources and increase the commitment to ending this Somali pirate scourge," the first officer said Monday at a news conference in Mombasa, Kenya. "Right now there are ships being taken. ..."
  • UN Security Council Response to North Korea's Missile Test: Washington's Policy Debate by Scott Snyder, 13 Apr 2009 -- "North Korea's efforts to exploit divisions among members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) in its response to its April 5, 2009, test of a multi-stage rocket has proven to be a slightly harder political target than some in Pyongyang may have anticipated. The DPRK utilized preemptive threats in a statement issued a week before the launch in an attempt to deter UN actions and exploit differences among UNSC permanent members over whether to characterize the launch as a missile test or a satellite launch. ..."
  • Alternatives for Defense Spending by James Jay Carafano, 9 Apr 2009 -- "On April 6, 2009 Secretary Robert Gates announced a swath of cuts to defense procurement programs. According to an article in the Financial Times titled Gates takes axe to top weapons projects in US, "Robert Gates, US defence secretary, yesterday unveiled a sweeping overhaul of the Pentagon's weapons priorities, taking the axe to some of the most high-profile equipment programmes as part of his spending proposals for 2010...."

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