The Magazine of Combat in the 31st Century

BattleTechnology was published between 1987 and 1995. Its contents were approved by FASA Corporation and are considered to be Official optional materials for the FASA BattleTech Armored Combat Game System. All FASA product names were used with FASA's permission. And, of course, all FASA trademarks belong to FASA Corporation and its successors.

A note on numbering and dating. The first creative team numbered its issues 0101 through 0204. This stood for Year 1, Issue 1 to Year 2, Issue 4. 0204 was also Issue 6. The fourth creative team began to change the dating of the issues in order to try to make up for irregularities in the publication schedule and to try to keep the magazine in something like the same time frame as the story line of FASA's BattleTech game system that had begun to jump decades into the 'future'. The premise was that each issue being put out was an example selected somewhat randomly, from the actual 31st Century sequence. This line of thought led to both The Lost Issues and The Early Years Special Issues.

BattleTechnology Issue 0204 (#6), the issue that announced the 4th Succession War, sold out rather quickly and is only available in the BattleTechnology: The War Years set. Issue 0203 (#5) is also only available in The War Years set and #19 is sold out. Quantities of all of the other items are limited.

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BattleTechnology Issues

Issue 0101 (#1) Issue 0102 (#2) Issue 0201 (#3)
Issue 0202 (#4) Issue 0203 (#5) Issue 0204 (#6)
Issue 7 Issue 8 Issue 9
Issue 10 Issue 11 Issue 12
Issue 13 Issue 14 Issue 15
Issue 16 Issue 17 Issue 18
Issue 19 Issue 20 Issue 21

BattleTechnology Special Issues

The Lost Issues

The Early Years

BattleTechnology The War Years Set

The War Years - Issues #0101 (#1) through #12

BattleTechnology Back Issue Protective Binders

The War Years Binder

The Time of The Clans Binder


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