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Hammer - July 20, 2002
Doing a bit of organizational work around the site. Most of it is behind the scenes so you won't notice many differences. One noteable change, I've updated the THPS3 Shoes page. Scrapping the idea of "shoe packs" I've made it more uniform much like the THPS3 Logos page. I've set up an FTP primarily for Mod Central visitors. Everything that is on MC can be found on the FTP and vice versa. I've even set up an upload account for people to submit files. If you are unfamiliar with FTP's you can still access it simply by clicking the link now on the left side of the page. If you know what you're doing, simply open your FTP Application of choice and input the following information...

Address -
Port - 21
Username / Password - mod / central
Upload Account - upload / mods

- July 19, 2002
First update in over a month, yes I know. I'll address that in a sec, but first let's get to the update. 15 new T-Shirt/Hat Logos, 3 new Custom Skater Skins, 2 new Level Tweaks, and 1 new Shoe Pack. Now that that's out of the way, I've got a couple other things I'd like to address. First off, yes I am aware this is the first update in over a month. Want to know why? It's because until 2 days ago nobody had sent me anything to update with. I don't know if you guys were expecting me to pull skins and mods out of my ass or what, but it helps to have some content when you update a webpage. I can attribute most of this to the few of there out there who constantly bash MC. More than once in the past week I've heard "Don't send it to MC it will take them forever to update." That always helps things when the only reason there are no updates is because people aren't sending things. From now on try to follow these few rules when submitting content to MC. First off, email all submissions. I can't be screwed to check the forums or go download a file off your site. Email is the only way I can keep track of everything I have and everything that needs to be done. Secondly, email both Hammer and Kruegel. I am the "Head of Content Updates" and will be doing a majority of the updating. Kruegel is the "Head of Mod Central" and likes to keep an eye on what people are submitting. Kruegel and I can't always keep in touch about submissions, so if you sent your file to Kruegel and I didn't know about it, tough shit it's not gonna get updated. Finally, include preview jpgs. You know how annoying it is to have to install an entire skin just to get one good screen, uninstall that skin, install the next, repeat that about 23 times... It makes my job a lot easier and will produce speedier updates if you would please include a few preview jpg's of your skin, shoes, level tweak, ect. Now, I was gonna do another update later today with this info, but I don't want this important news story to get pushed down because I know you greedy bastards probably aren't even reading this you just want your precious mods. So I'm just gonna keep rambling on here. As of late there has been an apparent decline on the THPS3 mod scene. To tell you the truth I've lost total interest in THPS3. I only continue here for love of the site. So while I'll still be updating MC, you'll be hardpressed to see me shell out any more mods. That said, I'm going to try and help out the still enthusiastic modders out there. I really don't have a clue what's here, most of it is probably outdated and is of no use, but here are some notes sai and myself took about files types and structures and such back in our first couple weeks of modding THPS3. While I know it isn't much, and most of it is probably useless, I couldn't hurt to release it as I have no use for it...


Hammer - June 10, 2002
A rather hefty update today, so let's get right too it. First off, 2 skin updates. The Flash skin under the Custom Skater page, and The Human Torch, under the Pro Adaptations page. Also, a large pack of Shirt/Hat Logos from Mavrik, 35 in all. And finally, a massive shoe pack of 12 customs shoes from Mavrik also. That's it for now...

- June 07, 2002
What's this? Two updates by Hammer in the same day? Well, I guess not, considering it's 2am here, but close enough. Anyways, this time around I tweaked out the skins page to bring attention to the growing thps3pc skinning. I set the old thps2 images to the side and made new spiffy ones for thps3. I also added some categories of what I expected to be possible thps3 skinning projects, that way people know what we're looking for. Along with the cosmetic update, I've also added one pro adaptation skin (Silver Surfer) and 4 T-Shirt/Hat Logos. So go check it out...

- June 06, 2002
It seems a few of you were having troubles figuring out the TDX-Editior tool released a few days back. Since this is a big breakthrough in THPS3pc editing, I thought I'd write a little tutorial to try and sort things out. Hopefully it will clear up some problems some of you were having. Now you can go off and make cool total level conversions and then submit them to us. Go! Now!! Oh yeah, the tutorial can be found on the tutorials page...

- June 01, 2002
I conveniently forgot that the skins page had been updated when i overwrote the file the other day. I didn't even realize it that the spiderman skin wasn't on the skins page. Everything should be fixed now.

- June 01, 2002
Guinee's shoes are finally uploaded. There are three eS Koston 3s and a Josh Kalis Model DC Shoe skin in Guinee's pack. Click here if your too lazy to go to the actual page to look for the download.