Cooking With Alcohol

When cooking with beer or alcohol,
does all of the alcohol evaporate?


No. The following chart should be helpful.




No heat application, immediate consumption


No heat application, overnight storage


Alcohol ingredient added to boiling liquid, and removed from heat




Baked, approximately 25 minutes, alcohol ingredient on surface of mixture (not stirred in)


Baked/simmered, alcohol ingredient stirred into mixture

15 minutes
30 minutes
1 hour
1.5 hours
2 hours
2.5 hours



source: Minnesota Nutrition Council Newsletter


What can I substitute if a recipe calls for
beverages with alcohol?


The best, but not always the easiest solution, is to find another recipe without alcohol that will fill the need. If the beer or wine is a major ingredient in your recipe, or if a large quantity is called for, it makes sense not to attempt a substitute. The results could be unpleasant. In such a case, look for another recipe.


Often the alcohol required will be a small amount, such as a couple of tablespoons, and in this case there are several substitutions:

  • In recipes having plenty of seasonings, plan water may be substituted. Both the alcohol and a substitute may be omitted if the liquid isn't needed for a gravy or sauce.

  • When cooking with fish, an equal amount of bottled or fresh clam or fish stock may be substituted. Just remember, bottled clam juice and some fish stocks are high in salt. Some people use white grape juice with fish.

  • Other substitutes include chicken or beef broth

  • Juice such as lemon, lime, apple or cranberry are all possibilities.

Reprinted from Fall 99 Issue Byerly's Bag

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