Past Wars

"Perpetual peace is no empty idea, but a practical thing which, through its gradual solution, is coming always nearer its final realization..."


War Map

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Afghanistan1970s Coups1973-1978
AfghanistanSoviet Invasion1979-1989
AfghanistanCivil War1989-2001
AlbaniaCivil War1997
AlgeriaNational Liberation1954-1962
AngolaNational Liberation1961-1974
AngolaFirst War with UNITA1975-1992
Angola Second War with UNITA1992-2002
ArgentinaDirty War1976-1983
ArgentinaFalklands/Malvinas War1982
AzerbaijanAzerbaijan Crisis1947-1948
AzerbaijanNagorno-Karabakh 1990s
Bolivia1971 Coup1971
BoliviaTransition to Democracy1978-1982
BosniaCivil War1992-1995
BrazilGenerals' Coup1964
Burkina FasoSankara Coup1980s
Burundi Ethnic Strife1970-1974
Burundi Ethnic Strife1984-1989
Burundi Ethnic Strife1990-1994
Burundi Civil Conflict 1993-2005
CambodiaU.S. Invasion1970
CambodiaCivil War1970s
Cambodia Intra Party and Vietnam Conflicts1970s
CanadaQuebec Separatism1960s-1970s
Central African RepublicCoup and Civil War1980s-1990s
ChadCivil Wars1965-1979
ChileCoup Against Allende1973
ChinaCivil War1940s
ChinaInvasion of Tibet1950
ChinaQuemoy and Matsu1954-1958
ChinaSino-India Border War1962
ChinaSino-Soviet Clashes1969-1978
ChinaInvasion of Vietnam1979
ChinaTiananmen Violence1989
Congo (Brazzaville) Civil Conflict 1997-1999
Congo (Zaire)Post-Independence War1963-1965
Congo (Zaire) Kabila Uprising1996-1997
CroatiaWar with Serbia1991-1995
CubaCommunist Revolution1950s
CubaBay Of Pigs1961
CubaMissile Crisis1962
CyprusTurkish Conflicts1960s
CyprusTurkish Invasion1970s
CzechoslovakiaSoviet Invasion1968
Dominican RepublicCoup and U.S. Invasion1965
EcuadorPeru Border Dispute1947-1999
EgyptWar with Britain1951
EgyptWar of 19561956
EgyptSyrian, Yemen Tensions1958-62
EgyptWar of Attrition1967-70
Egypt1973 War1973
El SalvadorSoccer War1969
El SalvadorCivil War1970s-1980s
EritreaWar for Independence1958-1991
EritreaHanish Islands1995
EthiopiaAttempted Coup1960
Ethiopia1st War with Somalia1977-1978
EthiopiaCivil War1978-1991
Ethiopia2nd War with Somalia1998-1999
EthiopiaEritrea War1998-2000
Fiji Ethnic Conflict / Coup1980s
Georgia Civil Conflict1990-1994
GermanyBerlin Crises1948 & 1958-62
GermanyEast German Uprising1953
GhanaRawlings Coups1979 and 1981
Greece Civil War1944-1949
GrenadaU.S. Invasion1982
GuatemalaCoup Against Arbenz1954
Guatemala Civil War1965-1969
Guatemala Civil War1970-1974
Guatemala Civil War1975-1979
GuineaMano River War2000-2001
GuyanaEthnic Conflict1970s-1980s
Haiti1980s Unrest1980s
HaitiCivil War1990s
HungarySoviet Invasion1956
IndiaNagaland Rebellion1947-1997
IndiaInvasion Of Goa1961
IndiaIndia China Tensions1962-1994
IndiaWar with Pakistan1965
IndiaSikh Uprising1980s
IndonesiaSuharto Coup1965
IndonesiaEast Timor 1974-1999
IndonesiaSouth Moluccas1950
Iran Civil Strife1970-1974
IranIslamic Revolution1979
IranIran-Iraq War1980-1989
IraqRevolution and Coups1958-1968
IraqIran-Iraq War1980-1989
IraqGulf War1990-1991
Ireland (Britain)Religious Conflict1969-1999
IsraelWar of Independence1948-1949
IsraelThe Intifada1987-1993
IsraelSinai War1956
IsraelSix-Day War1967
IsraelYom Kippur War1973
IsraelIraq Nuclear Reactor1981
IsraelTerrorist Attacks1960s-1980s
IsraelInvasion of Lebanon1978, 1982-2000
JordanBritish Intervention1958
JordanCivil War1970
KenyaMau Mau Uprising1952-1956
KoreaKorean War1950-1953
LaosPathet Lao Uprising1960s-1970s
LebanonCivil Conflict1958
LebanonCivil War1975-1990
LiberiaCivil War1999-2003
LiberiaDoe Coup1980
LiberiaCivil War1989-1997
LibyaQaddafi Coup1969
LibyaU.S. Air Attacks1980s
LibyaWar with Chad1980-1987
MacedoniaEthnic Conflict1990s
MadagascarIndependence Struggle1950s-1960s
MadagascarViolence in the Second Republic1975-1992
MalaysiaCommunist Uprising1940s
MexicoStudent Massacre1968
Mexico Zapatista Uprising1996 - 1999
Morocco Polisario-Western Sahara War1975-1979
MozambiqueWar of Independence1964-1974
MozambiqueRenamo War1970s-1992
Myanmar/Burma Military Coups1958-1962
MyanmarSLORC Coup1980s
NamibiaNational Liberation1966-1990
New CaledoniaConflict1980s-1990s
NicaraguaContra War1980s
Nigeria1964-1965 Elections1964-1965
NigeriaBiafra Civil War1966-1969
Nigeria1983 Coup1983
North KoreaKorean War1949-1953
North KoreaSeizure of the Pueblo1968
North KoreaNorth Korea-South Korea Tensions1960s, 70s, 80s
North KoreaNorthern Limit Line1999-2002
Pakistan1965 War with India1965
Pakistan1971 War with India1971
PakistanDomestic Instability1960s-1980s
PakistanBaluchistan Insurgency1973-1977
PanamaAnti-U.S. Riots1950s
Panama1964 Riots1964
PanamaU.S. Invasion1989
PeruRural Uprisings1950s-1960s
PeruShining Path and the Drug War1980s
PhilippinesHuk Rebellion1948-1953
PhilippinesBattle of Mendiola and Martial Law1970-1972
RomaniaUprising and Coup1989
RussiaEthnic Conflicts1980s-1990s
Russia1991 Coup1991
RussiaChechen Uprising1994-1996
RussiaMoldova1994 -->
Rwanda Conflict1960-1964
RwandaCivil War and Genocide 1991-1996
Senegal Casamance 1982-2004
SerbiaKosovo Secession1990-1999
Sierra Leone Civil War 1990-2002
Solomon Islands Civil Disturbance1999-2003
SomaliaSomalia-Ethiopia, Kenya Conflict1960-1964
Somalia1969 Coup1969
SomaliaOgaden War1977-78
Somalia1980s Ethiopia Conflicts1980s
SomaliaRed Beret Reign of Terror1986-1990
South AfricaAnti-Apartheid Struggle1948-1994
Soviet UnionCold War1946-1991
Soviet UnionIran /r Azerbaijan1945-1946
Soviet UnionConflict with Turkey1945-1953
Soviet UnionInvasion of Afghanistan (see Afghanistan)1979-1989
Sri Lanka1970s Violence1970s
Sri Lanka1980s Riots1980-1984
Sri LankaTamil Uprising1983-2002
SudanFirst Civil War1955-1972
SudanSecond Civil War1983-2004
TajikistanCivil War1992-1997
Thailand1947 Coup1947
Thailand1951 Coup1951
Thailand1970s Unrest1970s
Thailand War on Drugs 2003
UgandaUganda Independence1960s
UgandaAnti-Amin Struggle1971-1979
UgandaThe War in the Bush1980-1985
United KingdomThe Troubles1968-1998
UruguayTupamaros Uprising1960s-1970s
VietnamFirst Indochina War1946-1954
VietnamSecond Indochina War1964-1973
VietnamThird Indochina War1978-1981
Western SaharaPolisario-Moroccan War1975-1991
YemenConflicts and Union1960s-1980s
Yemen Civil War1990-1994
YemenHanish Islands1995
ZimbabweMajority Rule1965-1980

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