International Communities is the home of the official Arch Linux website, forums, and wiki. However, several unofficial community-run sites are available for international users who would rather communicate in their own language. You can find a list of these communities below.

Please note that the official Wiki also supports internationalized content. In addition, we have a forum where you can post in your native language. These tools can be used in addition to, in parallel with, or as a part of the international communities listed below.

Brasil (Brazilian)
Čeština (Czech)
Dansk (Danish)
Deutsch (German)
Español (Hispana) (Spanish)
Français (French)
Français (French)
Italiana (Italian)
Magyar (Hungarian)
Nederlands (Dutch)
Polski (Polish)
Svenska (Swedish)
Türkçe (Turkish)
Русский (Russian)
Українська (Ukrainian)
中文 (Chinese)

If you host a community you would like linked on this page, please open a Bug Ticket with the category "web site", and a relevant description.

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