Babe of the Week: Asian Beauties

Gifts from overseas

Gifts from overseas

With the invasion of Japanese games into the American video game world, gamers quickly discovered the true beauty of Asian women. That "interest" only fueled the need for an abundance of them in video games like Final Fantasy and Tekken. From simply beautiful to amazingly brutal, we're here to let you indulge in your not-so-secret fetish with these 14 beauties.

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  • jettabentham on 3/12/2009 4:21 am

    OK I see one character missing, Lei Fang from DoA also Ayane

  • schneidend1 on 2/14/2009 7:14 pm

    Mai actually says "Nippon Ichi!" in her victory taunt, not "Me Bouncy."

  • csilvacscl1 on 2/9/2009 2:52 pm

    why the only SNK chars that you place are those that apperas in SVC series and not the others?? athena is cute and yuri is a bimbo... not counting the gals on other SNK games...

  • tuxkamen24 on 2/8/2009 7:59 am

    I can think of a few more to add to the list: several from the Koei Warriors series, for example (could've had Noh in the list, she would've fit right in with the scantily clad women in her current incarnation), and while it's great to see someone from Fatal Frame 4, I've also gotta say I'm disappointed that Miku, the original Fatal Frame girl, didn't make the cut. She made it into two games, gotta give her credit for that! As for Mai's "bounciness", that's been gone for a while now, at least in her ending poses.

  • poimaru on 2/7/2009 11:42 pm

    wow, this article is quite biased and sexist lol.

  • darkguyver718 on 2/7/2009 11:30 am

    Pai Chan looks a hell of a lot like Chun Li too.... hmmmm.... no lawsuit? Seriously?

  • darkguyver718 on 2/7/2009 11:29 am

    Pai Chan looks like a hell of alot like Kristin Kreuk, the actress that will actually be playing Chun Li in the movie this year.

  • hyangso on 2/7/2009 8:38 am

    Amen to that Kos. But if I had to choose, I'd choose Kasumi as number one, not only Asian, but woman FOR LIFE! She is the most smoothest and sexiest damn thing on earth. A perfect creation. Then Chun Li. Then Mai Shiranui. But HEY! Where the EFF is Lei Fang!? She's a queen! Anyways, Kos is still right.

  • kosgolbez on 2/7/2009 2:13 am

    Asian chicks are hot, but come on, these video game girls barely even look "Asian".

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