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Indie Games Contest 2008

Congratulations to the Winners, those who placed and all who entered the 3rd Annual Indie Game Showcase Contest.

  • General Category
    • Winner: Engine of War – developed by Michael Todd, Akith Games (Canada)
    • 1st Runner Up: Hurrican – developed by Joerg Winterstein, Poke 53280 (Germany)
    • 2nd Runner Up: Avernum 5 – developed by Jeff Vogel, Spiderweb Software (USA)
    • 3rd Runner Up: Band of Bugs – developed by Wahoo Studios (USA)
    • Other SemiFinalists in alphabetical order
      • Alien Shooter 2 – developed by Michael Murashov, Sigma Team (Russia)
      • Democracy 2 – developed by Cliff Harris, Positech Games (UK)
      • Hyper Invasion - Michael Rodriguez (USA)
      • Immortal Defense – developed by Paul Eres, Radical Poesis Games & Creations (USA)
      • Penguins Arena – developed by Christophe Canon, Frogames (France)
      • Pizzicati – developed by Giles Coope (UK)
  • Casual Category
    • Winner: Stranded II – developed by Peter Schauß, Unreal Software (Germany)
    • 1st Runner Up: Swap The Matrix – developed by Subhendu Behera, EivaaGames (India)
    • 2nd Runner Up: Lasso – developed by Chabane Maidi, CannedEssence Labs (USA)
    • 3rd Runner Up: Rollerdex – developed by Jarren Das, Firstborn Interactive (Australia)
    • Other SemiFinalists in alphabetical order
      • Bushwhack – developed by Troy Jezeski, Bad Milk Games (USA)
      • Holons – developed by Jason Tolbert, CerebraGames (USA)
      • Mi Pueblito – developed by Oscar Miguel Guillen Hernandez (Mexico)
      • Shift – developed by Daniel McNeely, Armor Games (USA)
      • Thunderwheels – developed by Luis Fornero, G-Boot Games (Spain)
      • Word Craze – developed by Julius Medalla, JoXtechnology (Philippines)
  • Student Category
    • Winner: Zenek Zombie – developed by Maciej Lamberski, Politechnika Świętokrzyska (Poland)
    • Other Semi-Finalists in Alphebetical order
      • And Yet It Moves – developed by Christoph Binder, Felix Bohatsch, Jan Hackl, Peter Vorlaufer (Austria)
      • Froggle – developed by DigiPen (USA)
      • Mayhem Intergalactic – developed by Christopher Pelling (Australia)
      • Scriptarians: The Tournament – developed by Piotr Zygadlo (Poland)

Stay tuned for the 2009 Indie Game Contest coming soon!