OLE Project Meeting Notes from Kansas, March 15-20, 2009

The University of Kansas Libraries hosted the OLE Project group meeting that took place  March 15 – 20, 2009. During that meeting, the group completed a number of significant tasks, described below. All those interested in the OLE Project are encouraged to provide feedback on the group’s work, by joining in the webcast on March 31, 2009 or by commenting at the end of this page.

Completed at the University of Kansas meeting:

Revised the Frequently Asked Questions on the OLE Website to reflect questions raised in a variety of settings.

Published a set of assumptions underlying the design of OLE.

Developed the agenda for the March 31, 2009 webcast and updated the abstract to use in inviting people to register for that webcast.

Updated the public OLE website to include maps of the home institutions for our workshop attendees and webcast participants.

Revised and expanded the Project Scope document.

Created a set of talking points to use in inviting institutions to participate in the upcoming software development phase of the OLE Project.

Started formulating the cost factors for the software development project which will follow the current planning project.

Reviewed the four lists of processes for compilation to a single document of 60+ processes.

Revised the OLE Reference Model based on the changes to the list of processes.

Developed a template as a model to enhance the inventory of the processes.

Created a spreadsheet of the processes provided for assignments to various individuals/groups who will complete a draft of functional specifications by May 1st.

Added a data dictionary and a symbol dictionary to the list of additional documents for completion by the May 1st deadline.

Photos of the meeting are available on the OLE Flickr site.

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