The History of the Royal Thai Armed Force
History of the Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters
Vision and Missions
Organization Chart (Royal Thai Armed Forces)
Organization Chart (Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters)
Present Commanders
Roster of Supreme Commanders
Roster of Senior Officers of Ministry of Defence and Royal Thai Armed Force Headquarters
Handbook for Foreign Armed Services Attaches Accredited to the Kingdom of Thailand

"The Royal Thai Armed Forces are main organizations in security with capabilities in defending and protecting the monarchy with modern and effective organization deserved of the peoples and friendly countries confidence "


To prepare the readiness of military forces and to use of military forces to protect the territory
To protect and upholding independence and sovereignty of the State from internal and external threats
To protect and safeguard the national interests and the democratic regime of government with the King
as the Head of the State
To protect, respect and safeguard the institution of the monarchy
To develop the country and assist the people
To maintain internal security
To promote good relations with neighboring countries and alliance countries
Peace Keeping and Humanitarian Assistance Operations
To support government in solving urgent national problems

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