By Traci

Blast From the Past: NRJ Awards

Posted under Blog, Videos on January 10, 2009

Since the NRJ Awards are so quickly approaching, I wanted to take this opportunity to ask you guys to VOTE again -- and also to look back at this 2004 NRJ performance from Britney. FIERCE!


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  1. matteo 4 years said:
    Jan 19

    good morning, I am a mum of a small four-year-old boy. It discovered britney to the " star academy " and since he is fan. every day he sings womanizer and now he likes circus. His britney it is something you know. Then Britney this video it is for you.

  1. clayton said:
    Jan 17

    ok... so this is a good video of how britney would dance when she is preforming back then... i have not seen britney do this in any of the videos in the past weeks she needs to do this again on her tour i love britney a lot and i want her to kick ass on this tour but she needs to step up her dancing like in this video!!!! go brit and i love you

  1. kiara said:
    Jan 13

    britney is so asum!!!!!!!!!!!!! U GO BRITNEY!!!!!!!! And ur song Circus is asum lol

  1. ami said:
    Jan 13

    heyyyyy britney!!!!!!

    so excited about your concert!!!!!

  1. joe said:
    Jan 13

    britney cant wait till u come to edmonton. I been waiting all my life to see u in front of me. I'll be in the front row seat 9, look for me.would love to get a pitchure with u, it would mean the world to me. I wish u the best, stay stronger then yesturday. Believe in your self always because you are the most amazing women in the world. I would do anything in this world to be right by ur side and love you, cherish you, protect you,and always believe in you for all of eternity!!! I hope your 2 boys know that they have the most incredible mom that loves them very much. love u 4ever.

  1. Nadia Bann said:
    Jan 13

    Hey Hey Brit-Brit How are you? I just whant to say you look DROP-DEAD-GORGEOUS!!!!!!!But PLEASE I'm asking you PRETTY PLEASE,please dont ever get that thin again, YOU ARE GORGEOUS THE WAY YOU ARE INSIDE-OUT!!!And if people dont accept you the way you are then the HELL with them!!!!I love you the way you are!!!Oh yeah thanx 4 safeing my life!!!!!P.S I really care about you and your feelings!!!Have a nice week.Lots of LOVE yours FAITHFULLY NADIA BANN oxoxoxo

  1. ana said:
    Jan 12

    Britney looks so sexy and sweet like always!!! I love her a lot... You know what? If any fu...c.....#$%¨&¨(¨(¨ papparazzi see this, and try 2 make her sad, I don't know how I will do this but I will go there and punish all of you jealous idiot papparazzi... Britney always loving you, always bealiving you... Ana xoxoxoxo

  1. shanyce desabrais said:
    Jan 11

    she looks so sexy and like she is enjoying herself in that video i wish there was more on the web site because if i had to i would pay $500 just to see her. she has a lot of guys after her and she has all of her family to support her. she is my idol. if i were a boy i would make out with her. but i am not so i wont because that is disturbing in so many ways. i love britney spears and if u dont u should really get a day job because some day u will be working for her. if not i will kick ur @$$ not really but i will let u think that. well gtg BYE!!!

  1. brittany said:
    Jan 11

    k first i really like this site.. but i dont really understand it... like arent offical sites spose to be to learn about the artist... like who doesn't no britney spears!! (love her) butt... this is more of a blogging site... i think there needs to be an OFFICAL site that is actually talking about her as an artist, not just blogs from people!! but don't close this down cause its great to keep in touch with whats going on with brit!! I love britney!!

  1. Maxouu said:
    Jan 11

    No Dany, she dosen't come to Nrj Awards this year... again!

  1. aldi said:
    Jan 11

    brit, why you always have to do the lip sync... in every live performances... shame on you

  1. Aubrey said:
    Jan 10

    I love this performance, it's just so powerful!!!! I watch it all the time! Just think it would be even better if they didn't zoom out with the camera all those times. I still love Britney always puts on a good show and looks stunning do so :)

  1. Melissa said:
    Jan 10

    Britney i love you, estou muito feliz por que voce se recuperou e estou rezando para que voce recupere a guarda de seus filhos.
    Nossa eles são tão bonitinhos, são 2 anjinhos puxou a vc rsrsrs...
    Britney por favor traga a sua turnê aki no Brasil ''PLISS'' pois nós Brasileiros te amamos.....
    Brit sou super fã sua, eu te admiro Muito espero que voce leia esse depo e se der por favor me
    responda, mesmo se for en inglês.

    Beijos de sua fã nº 1 ''MELISSA''


    Melissa 100% fã da Britney que eu Amo de Montão

    Parabéns Brit e muito Suuuucessooooooooo...

    kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss,kiss, kiss, kissss.......

  1. Suii said:
    Jan 10

    will britney be performing at the NRJ Awards this year?

    please answer this question and if she does she shouldn't wear tights because they make her look fat, when she's not!!!!!
    please answer this question!!! thank you much

  1. Diego Abel Ocampo Elizalde said:
    Jan 10

    I remember that.

  1. Andiie Cee said:
    Jan 10

    aww wow!

  1. rogue knight said:
    Jan 10

    i love you miss spears, have a great day.

  1. Lacen said:
    Jan 10

    shee need to go at the awards this year!

  1. leo said:
    Jan 10

    i am a dancer and i know what she has lost but could get back in time.... what she has lost is something called "CONFIDENCE" the im britney im the best so move bitch attitude! she needs to have confidence in what she does now! the moves are the same from toxic to now the difference is simply comfidence! as she does more shows she will get it back in no time....

  1. Arci said:
    Jan 10

    I am not degrading her performance. They have been ok, but not as spectacular as they were before. Compare GMA and the one that is posted here and you can tell the difference.

  1. karoline said:
    Jan 10

    I LOVE YOU BRITNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. red fairy said:
    Jan 10

    I miss her in France, we miss her, they miss her!

  1. Arci said:
    Jan 10

    wow that was a performace! britney definitely had her fire there you can tell, the look in her eyes. It has seem she has lost it in all the performances she has done now.... i hope she gets it back!!!

  1. karl said:
    Jan 10

    whats the difference between this performance and her recent ones???

    her dancing is the same so why the degrading of her recent performances from circus, they just as good

  1. Andre said:
    Jan 10

    You are like lit crystal on stage!!! Love to watch you dance!!

  1. Luca said:
    Jan 10

    Ouh, yeah, AMAZING !!!!!!!! :x:x:x:x:x:x:x

  1. Alberto (Italy) said:
    Jan 10

    How much I love her? and of the best Britney song ever!!!!
    There's no escape,
    I can't wait.
    I need a hit,
    BRITNEY, give me it.
    You're dangerous,
    I'm loving it!!!

  1. Dany said:
    Jan 10

    Traci, Will Britney Perform at the NRJ Awards this year?

    Thank YOU