Descendents And Ancestors Of
Isaac Moses Smith & Isabelle Sublette


Known Facts About Isaac Moses Smith

  • We don't have a clue who his parents were or if he had any brothers or sisters.
  • From US Census records, it appears his father was born in North Carolina and his Mother in Missouri and he was possibly born in Missouri or Arkansas.
  • From family accounts and 1900 US Census, he was born 13 Dec 1851.
  • Family stories say he was a teenager in Missouri during the Civil War.
  • From 1900 US Census and from grandchildren accounts that remember him, he went by Ike. This is how he is listed in the 1900 US Census.
  • From 1900 US Census he married Isabelle(a) Sublette somewhere around 1875-76. (1).
  • In 1900, they were living in Buffalo Twp, Pike County, Missouri.
  • From 1900 US Census records, Isaac and Isabelle had 5 sons and 2 daughters and 1 unknown who apparently died in infancy.
Isaac Moses Smith
13 December 1851 - March 1933
    1. Frank - b. Mar 1881 - Arkansas
    2. Grover - b. May 1883 - Missouri
    3. Effie b. Feb 1886 - Arkansas
    4. Homer b. Dec 1888 - Arkansas or Missouri
    5. Nellie b. Apr 1890 - Missouri
    6. Goldie b. May 1893 (2) - Missouri
    7. George b. Mar 1896 - Missouri
  • They moved to Olympia, Washington sometime after the turn of the century. 1910 Census records show Isaac and all of the boys living together and Effie and Nellie already married (both in Olympia). Isabelle died in 1908.

Cloudy Facts About Isaac Moses Smith

  • From family accounts, we believe he was born in Missouri, but there is some descrepency in this from census records. 1920 US Census, North Bend, Coos County, Oregon from son Gordan lists himself and Isaac as being born in Lousiana (3). 1930 US Census Olympia, Thurston Co., Washington from son Gordon, has him listed as being born in North Carolina. In 1900 Census, he listed himself as being from Arkansas but in 1910, 1920 & 1930 he lists himself from Missouri. Another Census record from son Frank lists him as from Arkansas. As a general rule, all other Census records that he has been found, list him as from Missouri.
  • To date, from US Census records, have placed him in 1900, 1910, 1920 & 1930. So where was he in 1860, 1870 and 1880. 1890 Census records were destroyed in a fire.
  • Family accounts say that he was related to Soapy Smith. (A rather famous or maybe infamous outlaw in Denver and Creede Colorado in the 1880's and in Skagway, Alaska where Soapy was killed in a gunfight in 1898.) Supposedly the tie is that Jefferson Randolf Smith SR, Soapy's father was Isaacs older brother by about 18 years. At this time, there is no factual evidence to either prove or disprove this info.

    However, a letter dated Dec 1991 from one of the Grandchildren, Leo Smith-Nelson that was sent to Dan Smith is almost proof positive that no link exists. In this letter, Leo states that his father, Grover, said that he played with Soapy as a boy in Missouri. Given that Grover was born in 1883 and adding a few years to make him a "boy playing" and for arguments sake, anywhere from mid 1880's to early 1890's, this is highly inprobable. By this time frame in history, Soapy was alive and well doing his soap and shell tricks, etc. in Colorado. That Grover played with a cousin called Jefferson Smith is very possible as either Jefferson or Smith were very common names. That it was the outlaw, Jefferson Smith is extremely doubtful. Sorry to any family members who were hoping we had a real live "Soapy Sheep".
  1. Some records have her listed as Isabelle and others as Isabella.
  2. Yes he is a boy and his legal given name really was Goldie. Story has it that Isaac & Isabelle wanted another girl and named this child Goldie, even though he was a boy. Throughout his adult life, he went by Gordon.
  3. Although it is possible that Gordan was born in Lousiana, it is more likely he was born in Missouri. Buffalo Twp, Pike County, Missouri where the family was at in 1900. This township is actually a sub-division of the city of Louisiana, Missouri. So in that respect, he was born in Louisiana, but 99.9% certain is Louisiana, Missouri, not the state of Louisiana.
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