l’Hydroptère, new version

l’Hydroptère’s aim in 2008 is as simple as it is complicated: to beat the absolute sailing speed record, that is, 49,09 knots over 500 meters, in addition to the ultimate dream of breaking the mythical sailing speed of 50 knots, the equivalent of the aeronautical sound barrier. 

Thus, l’Hydroptère must increase her average speed of 44.81 knots over 500m, her record set in April, to one exceeding 49,09 knots, the record set by the windsurfer Antoine Albeau the 5th march 2008.

The current highest speed l’Hydroptère has reached is 47.6 knots.

Windsurfers and other speed machines such as Macquarie Innovation are, just as l’Hydroptère, serious competitors for the record.

In order to reach this goal, Alain Thébault and all of l’Hydroptère’s team have decided to configure the boat for pure speed by implementing important modifications to her hydro- and aerodynamics.

These modifications were decided upon after a long period of research conducted by engineers, technicians and l’Hydroptère’s Design Team, the EPFL, the “Papés” and our industrial partners.

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