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Danielle Borgman
Danielle Borgman
Position: D

Birthplace: Cincinnati, OH
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
DOB: April 29, 1980
High School: MacAuley HS (Cincinnati, OH)
College: North Carolina
WUSA Participation: 2002, 2003
Height: 5' 5"
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Coach Entlich on Danielle:
“Danielle is a great one-v-one defender who attacks well down the flank. She is strong in the tackle, good in the air, and possesses great intensity.”

WUSA Career:
A first round draft pick in 2002, Borgman played 14 games for the CyberRays, starting nine of them.

U.S. National Team:
Danielle Borgman received her first cap with the U.S. national team as a 17-year-old and played on the United States’ last two Nordic Cup championship squads with the under-21 national team.

Borgman played on two NCAA championship teams and two runner-up teams in her career at North Carolina. She started all 101 matches the Tar Heels played in her four years in Chapel Hill and was a three-year all-American. In 2001 she was a finalist for the Missouri Athletic Club Player of the Year Award. Playing mostly at right back, Borgman scored seven goals and had 18 assists as a collegian

Full name is Danielle Lynn Borgman…Majored in Exercise and Sports Science at North Carolina. Father Jerry is a route salesman, mother Sue is a secretary and was a bareback bull rider in Louisiana rodeos.

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