Why We Explore

why do we explore?
Why Do We Explore?

From the time of our birth, humans have felt a primordial urge to explore -- to blaze new trails, map new lands, and answer profound questions about ourselves and our universe.

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NASA's Mercury 7 Astronauts
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Visit every month to find out how aviation and space exploration have improved life for humans on Earth and in space.

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Exploration at NASA

    Exploration at NASA At the core of NASA's future space exploration is a return to the moon, where we will build a sustainable long term human presence.

    As the space shuttle approaches retirement and the International Space Station nears completion, NASA is building the next fleet of vehicles to bring astronauts back to the moon, and possibly to Mars and beyond.

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Ares I Five Segment Development Motor on the Move

The forward Segment of DM-1 for NASA’s Ares I program, is moved into the test stand at ATK facility in Promontory, Utah.

NASA moved the first segment of the Ares I development motor from ATK's facility to the nearby test stand.

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NASA, Department of Defense Collaborate on Orion Mockup

Orion undergoes simulated post-landing recovery tests.

NASA and Department of Defense Collaborate on Orion mockup and post-landing recovery before the test vehicle heads down the East Coast, stopping at the National Mall on the way.

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Northrop Grumman and NASA Ames to Update Media On Lunar...

Artist concept of LCROSS Centaur insertion.

Northrop Grumman Corporation invites media to an update on NASA Ames' Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) mission. The briefing will cover LCROSS' mission, launch status and antici...

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