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"Immersive Gaming Experience"

LEEP CyberfaceX™ is the next generation of LEEP Head-Mounted Displays. CyberfaceX™ combines Videowrap™ optical technology with binaural audio to provide total 360° visual and auditory immersion.

Videowrap™ Skull


  • Full Skull-Limited Field Of View puts the player inside the game world.
  • Orthoscopic Stereo display adds depth to scenes.
  • Binaural audio sounds just like real life.
  • High-Speed Head Tracking allows the player to see more in critical situations.
  • Instantly compatible with all of today's games!

Full Field of View

The CyberfaceX™ uses the LEEP Videowrap™ display interface to pull the gamer into the game world. The lateral human visual field is 270° and CyberfaceX™ makes full use of it! By allowing gamers to see as much as they see in the real world, CyberfaceX™ provides a more natural visual interface than any other head-mounted display on the market. With CyberfaceX™'s skull-limited visual technology, gamers can finally enjoy a fully immersive VR gameplay experience!

Orthoscopic Stereo Display

Stereo is the icing on the cake of simulated reality. If the full FOV pulls the gamer inside the world, CyberfaceX™'s orthoscopic stereo display brings that world to life. The stereoscopic display renders scenes with substance and depth. Unlike most stereo imaging systems, CyberfaceX™ provides an undistorted orthoscopic rendering so the virtual world. The rendering algorithm to allow the mind to smoothly blend the two stereo images. Say goodbye to the headaches, nausea, and eye strain caused by other Virtual Reality devices!

Binaural Audio

CyberfaceX™ simulates highly accurate directional audio, which is critical for competitive gamers. Binaural audio simulates real-life sound by placing virtual copy of the gamer's head in the virtual world to accurately reflect and block three-dimensional sound. Think of binaural audio as the full field of sound; the Videowrap™ of audio. Why would gamers settle for a seven speaker surround sound system when CyberfaceX™ can play sounds from any direction?

Head Tracking

Head Tracking is the CyberfaceX™'s physical interface with the game world. Ever wanted to look over your shoulder while playing a space sim? Head Tracking allows gamers to do exactly that. Check your blind spots. Gaze at the scenery you didn't have time to gaze at before. Look around for important clues. Do it all without ever disrupting gameplay.

100% Compatibility

There already exists a vast library of out-of-the-box games that can benefit from many of the important features of CyberfaceX™. CyberfaceX™'s unique interface enriches the experience of any game, even if that game was designed to be played on a flat screen!


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