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David HuttonWhistleblower Protection

I have become increasingly concerned about the incidence of systemic corruption and wrongdoing within our institutions in Canada, as evidenced by the Tainted Blood scandal, the Sponsorship Scandal,the RCMP Pension Fund Scandal, and so on...

I believe that these are not just isolated incidents caused by a 'few bad apples': they are the symptoms of serious problems within our systems of governance in Canada, which are critical to the functioning of a free and democratic society. So I've decided to do something about this situation.

I'll be supporting the efforts of a registered charity called the Federal Accountability Initiative for Reform (FAIR) which was established by a well-known Canadian whistleblower, Joanna Gualtieri. Our aim is to establish the means to protect whistleblowers – people who speak up to reveal the truth when the public good is at risk. When ordinary people are able to expose wrongdoing that they encounter in the workplace, corruption and wrongdoing become that much harder to conceal.

The current reality is that most people who try to draw attention to wrongdoing in their workplace are often ruthlessly silenced and crushed by those in power – to prevent embarrassment or even prosecution. Only the bravest (or the most naïve) speak up. Many who do have their lives ruined as a consequence, and very few have the satisfaction of seeing the truth come out or justice done. We can and must change this situation.

To learn more about this work and how you can help, visit the FAIR website at

May 2006