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Baldrige BookFrom Baldrige to the Bottom Line

A Road Map for Organizational Change and Improvement

The ultimate guide to assessment methodology. Learn about the most reliable and efficient assessment techniques. Tailor the process to your situation. Make the assessment a process a catalyst for change.

The Change Agents HandbookThe Change Agent's Handbook

A Survival Guide for Quality Improvement Champions

A comprehensive guide to the process of managing change, focusing on the needs of the change agent. Learn how to do a great job for your organzation, and still survive the experience.

other Titles

Chinese Version      Japanese Version     Health Care Handbook

Other recently published works by David Hutton include:

  • a translation of The Change Agent's Handbook into Chinese
    More… (Chinese website)
  • a Japanese version of From Baldrige to the Bottom Line
    More… (Japanese website)
  • The Handbook on Managing Change in Health Care, which contains a chapter contributed by David Hutton.

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