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The Benefits of Assessment

  • Studies of the link to Business Results

Assessment Technique

  • How to calculate assessment resource requirements
  • Establishing suitable measurements of success
  • How improvement objectives change and progress over time
  • Interview Technique: Testimony vs. Evidence
  • Report-writing: How to report on people issues

Awards and Audit

  • A brief history of quality awards
  • Baldrige Award Winners 1988–2005
  • Awards around the world
    • National and Regional awards
    • State and Provincial awards
    • Supplier Awards

Assessment in Practice

  • Learning from high-performing organizations
  • Case study: Bell Atlantic (now Verizon)
  • Organizations using assessment

Related Methodologies

  • Hoshin Planning

Assessment Tools

  • Sample communication to employees
  • Interview planning spreadsheet


  • Recommended reading

Under Development

  • Applying the assessment process within large  organizations
  • Special considerations for the public sector
  • Sample agenda for an assessment using a 'helper team'