The Loaded Crows Attend 2008 West Point Spring Combat Classic

In a shockingly late season opener, the Crows saved up their free passes from wives, fiances and girlfriends to attend the Spring Big Game at our beloved West Point. "This is one of our favorite games of the year," said co-captain Aaron Kneppar, "we're going to play paintball, and what better return on our investment could their possibly be than to come out and support the US Army Paintball Team's fundraiser?"

The Crows did that, and did it en' force. They fielded 7 men: Yukon, TenaciousD, Stiffmeister, Tinkerbell, Crazy Joe, Harrier, and Smokey. For a 9 man team in their 30's, that was really quite an accomplishment. The Loaded Crows were sporting their brand new team jerseys, and made sure they were well painted and dirty by Sunday afternoon.

Fighting the good fight for the North Koreans (Red Team) they were joined by the rest of the ERSA (Red Raiders, TAPS, EOD, Unforgiven Ghosts, Philly Paintball Group). They were joined by such notable teams as Team Extreme Measures, NE Regulators, Delta Painbtball, and many others. The noble leaders of this ragtag bunch were Mr. Eric Engler (CO) and Mr. Greg Hastings (XO). The UN (Blue Team) consisted of representatives of Team Voodoo, Black Sheep, Reservoir Dogs, Undertakers, Lightning Force, Rubber Duckies, amongst others. The Yankee Division rolled in with well over 20 guys, and fulfilled the Blue CO and XO positions, with their teammates filling out the rest of the Blue command staff.

It was devastating (to be wearing Blue that is), the North Koreans won the scenario by a score of 3200 to 1500.

The Eastern Regional Scenario Alliance was awarded the highly coveted "MVT" This was quite an honor for the Loaded Crows, it is our first Most Valuable Team award.


Crows Brave the Cold

Loaded Crows Attend High Velocity's Operation Frostfire

Despite the frigid temperatures, two brave Crows attended High Velocity Paintball's Operation Frostfire. Dave and Matt (a.k.a. TenaciousD and Harrier) were a huge asset to the Red Team that day operating as a two man tank hunting team. Dave brought home the MVP award for his skill with a JCS launcher, while Matt operated as a spotter, and at times, a human shield.

The Red Team, under the command of fellow ERSA member and TAPS Team Captain Doc ( were able to pull out the victory after a rough start to the day. Doc's After Action Report can be found at