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Hungarians involved in plot against Bolivian president - VIDEO
Friday, 17 April 2009
Bolivian police shot dead three men and arrested two others in a crackdown on what they called a "terrorist gang" which had allegedly been preparing a plot against Bolivian President Evo Morales. According to local reports, the gang included some Hungarian members as well.

    The Bolivian El Deber news agency reported on its website that police had circled the group in Hotel Las Americas in Santa Cruz in the early hours of Thursday, killing Eduardo Rozsa Flores, Arpad Magyarosi ands Michael Martin Dwyer, and arresting Mario Tadic and Elod Toaso.

    Police said that Magyarosi and Toaso were Hungarian nationals, Rozsa and Tadic Croatian, and Dwyer Irish.

    Zoltan Brady, editor-in-chief of Hungarian literary magazine Kapu, which had employed Rozsa Flores and published several of his books, said he was convinced that the group had not been involved in a plot of any kind. Brady said he had talked to Rozsa Flores two days ago, adding that his colleague had gone to Bolivia in May 2008 "to fight against its communist government" and for the independence of the province of Santa Cruz. "Eduardo lived in the jungle and was involved in regular fights... he was a soldier, a partisan, fighting together with thousands of others in the jungle," Brady said. He also added that he thought that Rozsa Flores and the others had been executed rather than killed in a fire fight.

    Bolivian Vice-President Alvaro Garcia Linera branded the group as championing a "far-right fascist ideology" and blamed them for former bomb attacks on the house of a minister and a cardinal. The vice-president claimed that they were plotting to kill President Morales.

    Rozsa-Flores acted the lead in a Hungarian feature film shot in 2001 under the title "Chico". He was born in Santa Cruz in 1960 of a Hungarian father and Spanish mother. The family moved to Chile in 1972, then to Sweden and, in 1975, to Hungary.

    Graduating from a Hungarian university and dubbing himself a "conservative, anarchist world revolutionary," he fought in the Croatian war in the early 1990s. In recognition of his heroism, Croatian President Franjo Tudjman promoted him to the rank of major.

    In 2003 Rozsa Flores was spokesman of a dissident organisation calling itself Iraqi Independent Government before quitting them later. In the meantime, he became deputy president of the Hungarian Islamic Community. Over the past few years he maintained close links with the Hungarian far-right.

Following is a video of the Bolivian television's report on what happened. Shocking images. Please proceed with caution


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