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The Olympic dream of Pistorius. "Singing the dream to participate in the Olympics" said Oscar Pistorius few days ago by presenting the "Olympic dream" that he recorded between a workout and the other for charity. Unfortunately, the dream has vanished. Broke out as a soap bubble, perhaps more for political reasons that sports as many have written in newspapers these days or maybe just a cold law of numbers, enclosed as rightly reminds us Guido Tedoldi of sport as if it were in those of 30/100 second that separated him from having a safe place 4X400 relay race in South Africa. An infinitesimal time he has put his Olympic fate in the hands of men. And men have decided that "No! Oscar Pistorius does not deserve to go to Beijing with bodied." Right ... wrong ... The fact is that the Olympics has lost yet another opportunity to give meaning to itself and its millennial history.
Himself says he's "just an athlete who wants to run and win a medal ...." Unfortunately for him, but fortunately for us, not only this. The guy who runs on carbon fiber prosthesis so naturally from him skip the high wall that separates the world of the disabled from that of bodied, is an example of courage in facing life with the joys and sorrows that always Prosecutor, not only for others who share with him the experience of disability, but also for all the others who, believing bodied by right of birth, does not think that the border between skilled and dis-able to become so thin that a bypass, in a way or another, is a moment.

maxoscarfedeSo Pistorius its history has made the first written in the book Dream Runner. In fact there are only two songs written specifically for him - Olympic Dream that the title and the album Run Boy Run - the others are twelve cover of excerpts from movie soundtracks and particularly famous for her significant personal history as Blade runner, moments of glory, Forrest Gump, Rain man, in a remixed dance.

"The idea of a disco influence was Federico Russo - says Pistorius - but I do not hand it is not my work: I have just spoken words, words recited even if the ideas expressed are important. But I enjoyed it a lot in this new experience and the fact that the receipts go to charities is a way to make concrete useful to others not only with words or with my sports example. " They also said Max Millan, the producer of the disc and Federico Russo: "Oscar has a beautiful voice and great musicality, but we wanted to sing it because it's a player and his job is sport."