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The Rabbit Hole's Complete Walkthrough is online and ready to help.
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Game Information

For general information about the game, check out the overview, the sections on allies and enemies, as well as the sections on weapons and powerups.

Cheat Codes

Our Cheat Codes page has complete information on how to activate and select your cheat codes if you're stuck or just want to have a little fun. You can even find the codes to warp to all the game's levels.


Want Alice Files? We've got them. There's an Alice Demo if you want to try the game out before buying, as well as screenshots to peek at. If you want to decorate your computer alice-style, there's music, movies, wallpapers, and screensavers.


Gotten a little stuck? No problem. We have a complete walkthrough that will take you through every level, showing you the locations of all the enemies, items, and powerups.