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This version is comes with ssh, bin tools, and two plugins (XBMC/Boxee Installer/Launcher and SoftwareMenu). That's right, two full blown OSX applications with their own AppleTV plugin to launch AND get updates. And not only that but previous problems with launching an application into the front under all display resolutions has been resolved.

Remember that some USB flash drives just will not format correctly and if you have problems try another brand. Minimum flash size is 512MB. Follow the GUI and select "ATV Patchstick", make sure to select the correct disk and hit the circling arrows to the left of the drive menu if you insert the USB flash drive after launching atvusb-creator.

The contents of the patchstick will look like the following, if yours does not look similar or is empty, then the creation failed and you need to create again either by pre-formating two hfsplus partitions using disk utility or trying a different brand flash drive. All USB flash drive are different, some work, some do not work.

Standard patchstick rules: create the patchstick on your OSX box, power-down the AppleTV, insert the flash drive, power-up the AppleTV, wait for boot/patching, power-down again, remove flash drive and power up and enjoy XBMC for Mac ( or Boxee for Mac.( Remember that Boxee requires an account so if you don't have one, head on over to and register for an account.

One final note (sure, sure), Both XBMC and Boxee are net installed from XBMC/Boxee launcher so remember to first select "Update" and install the individual applications.

Oh yes, atvusb-creator can be found in the downloads section so have at it and enjoy XBMC and Boxee native on the AppleTV OS.

The other two platform (Linux and Windows) will be released later.

XBMC Launcher-0.8 has been released. Check the ...

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