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April 15, 2009
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NTSB Issues Safety Recommendation to FAA

April 15, 2009:

NTSB Safety Recommendation to FAA: http://www.ntsb.gov/recs/letters/2009/A09_30_37.pdf

Zenith Aircraft first became aware of the above NTSB Safety Recommendation Memo on April 14, 2009, at the same time the NTSB issued its press release to the public.

We continue to believe wing flutter will not occur if the control cables are adjusted properly.  Nonetheless, we are carefully considering the points raised in the memo, including whether the Zodiac CH-601XL is susceptible to wing flutter.  Each accident discussed in the NTSB memo occurred under different circumstances.  Some of the accidents are still being investigated and what caused those accidents has not been determined.

Zenith Aircraft will communicate with the FAA about the issues raised in the NTSB memo.  We will provide more information after we thoroughly consider the issues raised in the NTSB memo and we have spoken with the FAA about those issues.






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