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The successor to Come on Over, the biggest-selling album by a female artist of any stripe, Shania Twain's Up! would be a knockout even if it were limited to its one disc of country music. Together with hubby "Mutt" Lange, this crossover firebrand writes wise, personable, wildly contagious songs, and there are nineteen of them here. No duds, and no dull bits.

But the second, relentlessly kinetic pop disc is a revelation. It's the same nineteen songs, but shot through with wacky Abba, Queen, Roxette and Missy Elliott production and arrangement flavors. Whether surrounded by fiddles or synth-y guitar, tracks such as "Thank You Baby!" convey motherly intimacy and an undeniable pop sense alongside those trademark exclamation points.


(Posted: Dec 30, 2002)


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