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Global Earth Physics
Book Contents
CIP/Copyright ~1.8MB PDF  
Preface ~1.8MB PDF  
Contents ~51KB PDF  
  Astrometric and Geodetic Properties of Earth and the Solar System (l-l) ~2.4MB PDF
Charles F. Yoder 1
  Geoid, Topography and Distribution of Landforms (l-2) ~751KB PDF
Anny Cazenave 32
  Earth Tides (l-3) ~765KB PDF
John Wahr 40
  Global Magnetic Field (l-4) ~1.8MB PDF
Jeremy Bloxham 47
  Present Plate Motions and Plate Boundaries (1-5) ~1.7MB PDF
Richard G. Gordon 66
  Seismic Models of the Earth: Elastic and Anelastic (l-6) ~2MB PDF
T. G. Masters and P.M. Shearer 88
  Free Oscillations: Frequencies and Attenuations (l-7) ~2.3MB PDF
T. G. Masters and R. Widmer 104
  Seismic Traveltime Tables (l-8) ~1.9MB PDF
B. L. N. Kennett 126
  Heat Flow of the Earth (l-9) ~2.7MB PDF
Carol A. Stein 144
  Composition of the Solar System, Planets, Meteorites, and Major Terrestrial Reservoirs (l-10) ~3.4MB PDF
Horton E. Newsom 159
  Electrical Conductivity Models of the Crust and Mantle (1-12) ~3.1MB PDF
John F. Hermance 190
  Magnitudes and Moments of .Earthquakes (1-13) ~1MB PDF
Katsuyuki Abe 206
  Crustal Structure of the Earth (1-14) ~1.6MB PDF
Toshiro Tanimoto 214
  Mean Paleomagnetic Poles for the Major Continents and the Pacific Plate (1-15) ~2.5MB PDF
Richard G. Gordon and Rob Van der Voo 225
  Magnetic Polarity Time Scale of the Phanerozoic (l-16117) ~4.1MB PDF
James G. Ogg 240
  Isotopic Decay Data (1-18) ~1.1MB PDF
Joel D. Blum 271
  Natural Radioactivity of the Crust and Mantle (1-19) ~700KB PDF
W. R. Van Schmus 283
  Stable Isotope Distribution: Variations From Temperature, Organic and Water-Rock Interactions (l-20) ~1.7MB PDF
Robert E. Criss 292
  Volcanic Gases From Subaerial Volcanoes on Earth (1-21) ~1.2MB PDF
Richard E. Stoiber 308
  Properties and Composition of the Terrestrial Oceans and of the Atmospheres of the Earth and Other Planets (l-22) ~2.2MB PDF
Bruce Fegley Jr. 320
  Fundamental Physical Constants and Conversion Factors (l-23) ~676KB PDF
Bruce M. Moskowitz 346
  Earth Rotation (l-24) ~1.4MB PDF
Jean 0. Dickey 356
Subject Index ~800KB PDF                                                              Return to the AGU Reference Shelf