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The Achievements of the Laureates

Barbara Y.E. Pyle: Winner 1997

For more than two decades, Barbara Pyle, has encouraged the media to assume a major responsibility for informing and educating the public, including decision makers. Ms. Pyle has brought environmental issues closer to the heart and minds of people the world over. As a writer, director and producer of numerous television programmes, she has inspired countless individuals to care about the environment and to take responsibility for its protection. She has produced more than 35 films which have won more than 75 awards. She is the founder of Earth Matters, CNN's daily environmental news features and founder and Chairman of the Board of the Captain Planet Foundation, an organization which awards grants to children's grassroots environmental projects.

Ms. Pyle's philosophy is "Our planet will not be saved by any one big decision, but many individual choices, and the media has an important responsibility to provide the information necessary to enable us make those choices". Using the unique global reach of CNN, CNN international and World Report, Pyle's work has been seen by approximately two billion people worldwide.

Contact Address:

Barbara Y.E. Pyle
4221 Brookview Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30339
United States of America

Tel: 1(770) 436 2059
Fax: 1(770) 436 2109
E-mail: BYEPYLE@aol.com