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On the Southwest (SW) Anaheim page, you will find the following resources:
•Annexation Packet (dated: November 24, 2008)
•SW Anaheim Unincorporated Island Parcel Map
•Annexation Application & Landowner Consent Form
•Municipal Services Provision Chart
•Frequently Asked Questions "FAQ's")

Area Demographics

The SW Anaheim unincorporated area encompasses approximately 494 acres with a population of approximately 6,800 residents. Substantially surrounded by the City of Anaheim, the area borders Brookhurst Street to the east, Katella Avenue to the south, Gilbert Street and the City of Stanton to the west, and Broadway to the north. Near build out, the SW Anaheim island includes slightly over 1,900 housing units. The area currently receives municipal services from the County of Orange.

LAFCO Annexation Process

Recently, LAFCO sent residents within the SW Anaheim island an annexation packet that introduced the residents to the Commission's latest effort on annexing islands and an invitation to apply for annexation to the City of Anaheim. The latest annexation effort for this area includes a collaborative partnership between OC LAFCO, City of Anaheim, and the Supervisorial Fourth District. Information provided in the packet describes a streamlined annexation process for those residents interested in annexing to the City of Anaheim. The packet also includes additional details on the available services offered to Anaheim residents. You may click on the link below to view the SW Anaheim annexation packet. Additionally, if you are a SW Anaheim resident that would like to apply for annexation to Anaheim, please click on the SW Anaheim LAFCO application link below to download the application. The annexation packet is available in both English and Spanish.

OC LAFCO Annexation Packet (November 24, 2008)

English (version)

City of Anaheim

Carolyn Emery
Senior Project Manager


Greg Garcia
Government Relations Manager

(714) 765-5094


The changing of jurisdiction ("annexation") involves a technical process that often triggers many questions for residents exploring annexation. Click here (SW Anaheim FAQS) to go to questions that are frequently asked regarding annexation and the process. If you have a question that is not indicated here, please feel free to contact Carolyn Emery by the email address or telephone number given above.

Fair Political Practices Commission Filing Requirements

In the LAFCO application (Section XI, page 2), applicants for annexation are required to disclose contributions made in association with a LAFCO project per the Political Reform Act (Government Code § 81000 et seq). As with ballot measures generally, individuals and groups are permitted to make expenditures in support of or opposition to annexation. The Political Reform Act contains specific provisions that govern expenditures by “committees”, as that term is defined in Government Code section 82013. Among other things, the Political Reform Act requires committees to disclose expenditures and other information according to specific parameters and schedules. A summary of some of these requirements, provided by the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC), can be found on the FPPC website (www.fppc.ca.gov).There have been other annexation attempts of the SW Anaheim area to the City of Anaheim so it comes as no surprise that there has been both support and opposition to the current annexation effort, some of it funded through various groups and individuals. To ensure compliance with the Political Reform Act as it relates to the SW Anaheim annexation, it is vital that every qualifying “committee” that has made or is planning on making such expenditures in favor of or opposition to annexation, does so in accordance with State law. If you have any questions regarding your status as a “committee” and whether you are subject to the disclosure requirements of the Political Reform Act, you may want to consult the Fair Political Practices Commission (www.fppc.ca.gov) or an attorney regarding the applicability and requirements of the Political Reform Act.

We encourage you to visit the OC LAFCO SW Anaheim Unincorporated Island web page frequently as we will provide updates to this page periodically.



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